Players can choose between Dreki, Spirit Fox, or Mr Waggor in the current free pet event in Free Fire MAX. While Dreki and Spirit Fox are useful, Mr Waggor is better than both of them. His skill, Smooth Gloo, gives players free gloo grenades for the whole match. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 tips and tricks to use Mr Waggor pet in Free Fire.

1. Generate free Gloo Walls

If you have Mr Waggor, it is best to drop Gloo wall Grenades to teammates as soon as they are generated. This way, players should be able to free up the slots for the pet to generate more. When maxed out, if players have less than two gloo wall grenades in their inventory, Mr Waggor would produce a gloo grenade every 100 seconds.

Mr Wagger
Mr. Waggor is a lovely and powerful penguin.

Players can also drop the Gloo wall grenades from their inventory once Mr Waggor's ability is off cooldown. This way, they would be able to bypass the condition of the skill to get more items.

2. End zone superiority

At the end of the match, supplies often run out immediately, especially Gloo Walls. As the end-game area is small, having Walls is very important, as they prevent players from getting killed. This is where Waggor comes to the rescue - players should be able to get free grenades from him to defend themselves.

Ff Safe Zone
Gloo walls are essential in the last circles.

3. Use 360 degree Gloo Wall trick

The endgame is the hardest part of a Free Fire game. At that point, the circle is tiny and there is hardly any cover you can use. Because of that, Gloo Walls play a massive role, and knowing how to use them would definitely tip the scale in your favor.

360 degree Gloo Wall trick
The 360 degree Gloo Wall trick can be highly effective

Tap the Gloo Wall button and look around to deploy a 360 degree Wall. This way, enemies won't be able to harm you immediately, even if you are surrounded. This technique needs a lot of practice to pull off but is also very rewarding. While this cost a number of grenade, players should have enough if they have been getting free grenades from Waggor.

4. Use Gloo Walls to get to inaccessible places

You can throw Gloo Walls and then use it as a step to get to places you can't reach normally. This works best on rooftops - enemies would not be able to detect your location this way. Sometimes you can even stack two Gloo Walls on top of each other to create another step.

Gloo Wall Grenades
Players can climb on top of gloo walls.

5. Block the enemy from reaching a location

In the final circles, you can always deploy a Gloo Wall on some location on the map to distract and confuse your foes. Afterward, you can then either camp or flank them. This works fairly well against vehicles or in smaller places.

Screen 0
You can also block vehicles with them

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