The 360° Gloo Wall trick is hard to learn but very useful when mastered. Usually, people only use a single Gloo Wall to block attacks from one direction, which leaves them vulnerable to attacks from other angles. The trick deals with that issue by allowing you to create a circle of walls to hunker down in the middle of a crossfire. In this article, we are going to showcase a complete guide for the 360° Gloo Wall trick.

Gloo Wall
This trick is highly effective in the last circle.

1. When to use the 360° Gloo Wall trick?

This is one of the creative Gloo Wall tricks commonly used by Free Fire pro players.

Failed in rushing enemies

If your rush fails and you are stuck in your position, it might be a good idea to wall up for some breathing room and hope for the best.

Sniped from multiple directions

Getting aimed at from multiple directions is probably the worst situation you could find in the game. While running to cover is an option, you can just wall yourself up if there are no covers around.

Squad wipe

When two or more members of your team have been gunned down, this might be a good idea to buy some time. You can heal yourself back up and formulate a new plan.

Getting third-partied

When 2 or more squads are gunning down on you, this can be the optimal thing to do. These squads might even lose your sight and go at each other.

During close-quarter fights

When surrounded by dangerous enemies wielding shotguns on all sides, quickly walling yourself up can give you some time to escape or fight back. The close quarter guns like shotguns and SMGs can't waste bullets on Gloo Walls.

360 degree
You can protect your whole team with this Gloo Wall tip.

2. How to perform the 360° Gloo Wall trick?

Placing 360° Gloo Wall requires you to look around while holding the Gloo Wall button. At the same time, they must position the grenade close to them while simultaneously aiming at the ground.

Furthermore, the trick also requires you to have more than a few Gloo Wall grenades, obviously. Check out the below guide for an example of the flawless execution of the 360° Gloo Wall trick.

To perform the 360° Gloo Wall trick reliably, players need to follow these crucial tips:

Medium to High Sensitivity

It is recommended that players play the game at medium or high General sensitivity. With the settings at a high value, they will be able to move their screens at a much faster rate compared to normal. Aside from this, the other Free Fire sensitivity settings for scopes do not really affect the process... therefore you don't need to change them.


Try to aim as close to your location as possible to avoid missing your shot.


It is rather hard to practice this trick reliably in a match. Therefore, it is recommended that users spend some time on the training island honing their Gloo Wall skills first before going ahead and playing ranked matches.

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