Defending is very important in Free Fire and the game provides several ways for you to stop the opponents in their tracks. The most famous of these, and one of the hallmarks of the game, is the Gloo Wall. With a grenade that creates a protective wall, you can create a cover anywhere and block shots from your opponent.

What many players do not know is that there are other uses for the Gloo Wall and very unusual ways of using it in some specific situations. Some of these experiments are even offensive since they take the opponents away from where they want to be and also serve as a trap.

Want to find out creative ways to maximize the use of Gloo Walls? Then check out these seven ways to use this item so you can increase your arsenal of tricks in Free Fire and do well in matches. Equip your gloo grenades, jump from the plane and become a Gloo Wall trick master with this guide:

7 Creative Uses of Free Fire Gloo Walls/Grenades You Didn't Know You Could Do

1. Deal with Enemies on Windows

Being caught by someone shooting from higher ground is a huge disadvantage and placing the Gloo Wall in front of you does not always work. In case the enemy's high ground advantage is the second floor of a house, through a window, a well-placed Gloo Wall is what can solve this problem.

Free Fire 7 Creative Gloo Wall Tricks Uses

Aim the Gloo Wall at the window and throw it to block the opponent, giving you time to flank or run. Depending on the situation, you can even use it to throw the opponent out of the house. If they are very close to the window and you manage to put the Gloo on top of them, they will be pushed out the window, leaving you with an easy target

2. Help You Assault a Building

The Gloo can also be used to invade buildings. If you stick your face out when climbing the stairs, you can get shot or hit by a grenade. Use the Gloo Wall to block the enemy's view and pin them where you want. To finish the battle, the choice can be a grenade on the spot or even finish them off when the wall dissolves

Free Fire 7 Creative Gloo Wall Tricks Uses

Here you can also push the enemy out of the building like the tip above too, but they need to be very close to the edge.

3. Protect You From Shots From Above

As you already know, the Gloo Wall does not always protect against enemies who shoot you from above, who generally have the advantage of elevated terrain. Something that many people do not know: it is possible to erect two walls of gloo, one on top of the other, to protect yourself in these cases.

This can be effective both to protect you and to give you time to revive a downed teammate.

4. Create an X Gloo Formation

Just as it is possible to place one gloo on top of the other, it is also possible to place them so that they cross to look like an 'X'. At the point where they connect, you can hide your character on the right and on the left.

Free Fire 7 Creative Gloo Wall Tricks Uses

In addition, you have a clearer view in front and have more freedom to shoot enemies. Just have a good supply of grenades so you don't run out afterward.

5. Create a Trap with Landmines

Now that you have learned how to make the X-shaped gloo walls, you can use a combo with the land mine. The Gloo Wall also completely blocks the damage from explosives, so you can stay within the apex of the X, place a mine or two on one side and wait for the enemy to fall into the trap and die right in front of you, without taking any damage.

You already know that the wall blocks explosives, meaning you can also use it to block grenades, which leads us to a more offensive use below.

6. Use It to Blow Up Red Barrels

One of the most unusual uses of the gloo is to block the damage from red barrels, but few people know that you can even use it as a weapon against the unsuspecting.

Free Fire 7 Creative Gloo Wall Tricks Uses

If you put the Gloo Wall in the middle of the barrel, you can cause it to blow up, but it will only inflict damage to the front of the wall. It's very effective in taking out highly aggressive players in Free Fire like rushers who get up too close to you

7. Avoid Being Run Over by Vehicles

Our last Free Fire tip is for those who hate being run over by cars. A hit by a car can be the end of your game and you can't always blow up the enemy's car before it hits you.

And the way out is to drop a Gloo Wall right in front of the enemy car. In addition to damaging the opponent's car, it will also give you the chance to run off without the enemy noticing you, so you can blow it up from a safer location!

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