Free Fire's newest update, OB34, is expected to launch later this month, with a huge array of changes to characters and weapons. However, the spotlight of the patch is probably the new "mysterious" character, with the ability to summon a drone that attacks enemies.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the mystery character in Free Fire Advance Server OB34.

1. Senses Shockwave active ability

The new character comes with a special ability called "Sense Shockwave". It is a unique attack skill  - no other Free Fire characters have had a skill similar to this before.

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New mystery character in OB34

Upon activation, the player character would create a drone that moves toward the nearest opponent within a 100-meter frontal distance. The drone automatically acquires targets - you don't even need to aim. Upon reaching the target, it would create a 5-meter AoE pulse explosion, dealing 25 damage and reducing the movement and firing speed of enemies in the radius.

The movement speed slow is 50% at all levels, with a 5 seconds duration. The fire rate debuff and cooldown get improved with levels, as follows:

  • Level-1: Decrease in firing speed: 10%. CD: 140 seconds
  • Level-2: Decrease in firing speed: 15%. CD: 130 seconds
  • Level-3: Decrease in firing speed: 20%. CD: 120 seconds
  • Level-4: Decrease in firing speed: 25%. CD: 110 seconds
  • Level-5: Decrease in firing speed: 30%. CD: 100 seconds
  • Level-6: Decrease in firing speed: 35%. CD: 90 seconds

2. How strong is the new mystery character in OB34?

Short answer: Incredibly strong.

Usually, Free Fire skills only have defensive effects (healing or increasing speed) or buff (damage or armor penetration). Senses Shockwave, on the other hand, is an outright attacking skill that affects enemies.

For Rushers

In a rush build, players can just release the drone as they attack. The enemies hit by it would be crippled, with both their movement and damage output decreased significantly. At max level, the drone reduces weapon fire rate by a third, which is very significant. Slower guns like the M1014 might as well be useless.

Drone in Free Fire

The drone also deals 25 damage, which increases the advantage of the attacker even more. The best part of Senses Shockwave is that the effect is in an AoE, which means multiple team members could be hit with the slow at the same time, leaving them helpless against attacks.

The only weakness of this skill is its higher-than-average cooldown of 90 seconds. Players have to use it sparingly and not spam the drone in all fights.

For Snipers

The drone is also a decent aid for snipers. It slows enemies down, giving players a better chance for a second hit. The 25 extra damage can even finish enemies if they are near death.

3. Which character to combo with Sense Shockwave?

Overall, it is best to combo this skill with rusher characters such as Jota, Otho, Leon or Shirou. Players should time their rushes around the cooldown of this ability - upgrading it is a must, as 140 seconds at level 1 is just too long.

It is likely that this character would be nerfed in the official release of OB34, so players should keep their hype in moderation.

Jota Free Fire

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