Free Fire Advance Server OB34 has just come out, which means the actual patch would probably be released at the beginning of June. The aforementioned Advance server update has brought a huge number of changes to Free Fire, including a new character and various character rebalances.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best characters in Free Fire Advance Server OB34 update.

1. OB34 Mystery Character

The OB34 mystery character has the ability to fire a drone that seeks out enemies to deal damage and slow... in an AoE. Overall, the skill is absurdly powerful - it incorporates a number of useful effects, especially for rusher builds.

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New mystery character in OB34
  • The 50% slow effect cripples enemies and prevents them from moving around too fast. This way players would have an easier time aiming.
  • Lowering enemies' fire rate reduce their damage potential, allowing players to have a better chance in aim duel.
  • Deal 25 damage
  • All effects are in AoE, which can hit the whole enemy team if they are clumping up together.

If the release version of the character is still this powerful, it is best to buy him right away.

2. Xayne

Overall, Xayne's ability is buffed massively. Outside of the lowered duration, all of its parameters have been increased. The most significant change is its cooldown - players can now spam Xayne's skill more often.


The 200% damage increase against gloo walls makes destroying them much easier. All shots on gloo walls now deal triple the damage. While players lose HP gradually in 10 seconds instead of 15, it is still manageable, as combats rarely last that long.

3. Steffie

In OB33, Steffie's active has been changed into a much more useful version, gaining reduced bullet damage and the ability to block throwables. However, the skill is still pretty unpopular due to its long cooldown.


Looks like Garena has decided to deal with this problem in OB34 by reducing Steffie's cooldown by 30. Players can now spam this ability whenever they get in combat without much problem.

4. Nairi

Nairi's ability is a passive skill called Ice Iron. It allows a player's deployed Gloo walls to heal 30% of its durability every second. Additionally, players with this skill will do 30% increased damage to Gloo walls with assault rifles. Gloo walls are an important part of the game, especially in the later circles where the play zone shrinks.

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Nairi's passive now gives an extra 10% damage to gloo walls. Overall, his ability is definitely worth using now, as players can destroy enemies' wall while keeping their own intact.

5. Kenta

Kenta, the newest character released in OB33, was considered weak due to his high cooldown. The OB34 patch pretty much deal with this issue by cutting down the shield's cooldown by half, to 80s. Players should be able to use Kenta's ability more often in the next patch.

Kenta is the second swordsman added to the game after Hayato.

This can lead to a number of new tactical options, especially if players are playing as a team.

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