Free Fire is not the easiest game to get into. There are a lot of weapons in the game, and learning how to use all of them can take some time. Therefore, it is best that new players pick up these 6 weapons to have a better time in their early matches.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 best weapons for new players in Free Fire MAX 2022.

1. M4A1

The M4A1 is a common weapon and can be found pretty much everywhere in the game. It deals relatively lower headshot damage comparing to other weapons in the Assault Rifle class - you would definitely not be able to one-shot anyone with it.

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However, in exchange for the lower damage, the M4A1 has the longest range out of all Assault Rifles in the game (not counting automatic Sniper rifles like the SVD or SKS) at 77. The weapon range is super important in a Battle Royale like Free Fire, as the majority of fights would happen at mid-range or further.

The M4A1 can also be equipped with every attachment in the game, which improves its performance a great deal - if you find an M4 early on, it is best to stack up attachments on it.

2. M1887

The Winchester Model 1887 is a large-caliber double-shot shotgun using lever-action mechanics. The shotgun has become iconic for its use in the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, with the Terminator using it as the weapon of choice. It is the most popular shotgun in Free Fire to date.


Overall, the M1887 is an explosive weapon, with the highest damage stat in the game and 54 armor penetration on top. This makes the gun effective at any stage of the game. The 21 range is actually higher than all other shotguns in Free Fire - you can stand a little bit further and still hit the target.

3 .Desert Eagle

This weapon is probably the most useful gun in this class... and the closest to a normal weapon. The desert eagle has high damage, long-range... and decent stats all around - you can run extremely fast while holding it.

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4. UMP

The UMP gun in Free Fire is the most damaging SMG in the game, as it is the only SMG with the ability to pierce armor. With a whopping 63 points in AP, it can ignore up to two-third of enemies' damage reduction. Besides its excellent damage, the gun also has the highest reload and movement speed in the class. This allows you to be mobile and rotate faster.

SMG in Free Fire
The strongest UMP skin in the game

Try to fit it with attachments if you are going to stick with the UMP. A foregrip and muzzle are crucial, as the gun has a fairly high recoil and bullet spread.

5. SKS

The SKS is the oldest weapon on this list. In real life, it is a Soviet-made predecessor to the AK-47, which was used before World War 2. This is probably why the SKS has the weakest statline amongst the three weapons in Free Fire. Damage-wise, it has only 82 points and 46 armor penetration, which are much lower than its rivals.

SKS Hysteria in Free Fire
SKS Hysteria in Free Fire

Similar to all other semi-automatic marksman rifles, the SKS comes pre-attached with a 4x scope. It can equip the same array of attachments as the SVD and has the same priority of foregrip and stock.

The biggest advantage that the SKS has over the other weapons in its class is the higher spawn rate. You should be able to find it much easier than the SVD or Woodpecker.

6. AWM

While the power of the AWM in Free Fire is certainly nerfed compared to that of other games, it is still the king of all Sniper Rifles. The gun has extreme range and accuracy stats - amongst the strongest in-game. If you managed to get your hand on either a silencer or a muzzle, it would be almost impossible to stop.

Awm Skin Free Fire

While the damage stat of the AWM is equal to other guns in its class, it has a hidden headshot bonus damage. You would be able to one-hit kill targets no matter what helmets they are wearing, with a headshot.

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