Weapon choice plays an extremely important role in Free Fire. When you have to pick between various guns in the Assault Rifle class, some slight stat differences could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. In this article, Gurugamer is going to list out the top 5 most powerful AR skins in Free Fire 2022.

1. Blue Flame Draco AK

Unlike other BR games, the gun skin system in Free Fire provides some bonus stats for the weapon and gives the user an advantage in combat. Out of all rarities in the game... EVO skins like Blue Flame Draco AK are the best gun skins in Free Fire. Alongside the bonuses, the skin also lets your gun deal more damage when firing at Gloo Walls.

Free Fire Blue Flame Draco
Stat bonuses of the Blue Flame Draco are top tier

Furthermore, unlike the other Free Fire guns skins that have all their effects unlocked at the start, you need to upgrade the skin to maximize its effects. With levels, the Blue Flame AK's appearance, bonus and various other details changed. Players also get new animation, appearances, exclusive emotes, further enhancement of attributes, alongside other visual effects.

2. SCAR Megalodon Alpha

When maxed, the SCAR Megalodon Alpha has the following bonuses: + Damage, ++ Fire Rate and - Reload Speed. The combo of damage and Fire Rate is probably the best in Free Fire outside of a few specific cases... and people usually prefer a higher fire rate than damage for an easier time getting headshots.

D5857 16096496844605 1200
SCAR Megalodon Alpha

The Megalodon Alpha fits perfectly into the top-tier category. The demerit in Reload Speed is not much of a problem at all... as it does not affect the gun's damage output. The SCAR Megalodon Alpha will deal more damage to the enemies' vests and helmets at level 6.

3. Titan SCAR

This is pretty much a perfect legendary skin, with bonuses on both damage and fire rate, the two best stats of a weapon. The demerit is rather minimal, as a smaller magazine is not really important for such a big gun like SCAR.

Titan SCAR
Titan SCAR

The extra rate of fire would aid the players a lot in scoring drag headshots - one of the more popular advanced techniques.

4. Destiny Guardian XM8

This is the sixth Evo Gun skins ever released in Free Fire, and the first one with a white theme. Players need to climb through 7 levels to unlock the full potential of this weapon.

Destiny Guardian 
Destiny Guardian XM8

At maximum level, the Destiny Guardian XM8 has Damage++, Rate of Fire+, with a Reload Speed- demerit. Overall, this is one of the flashiest weapon ever released in Free Fire, with a beautiful blue lightning effect all over its body. Furthermore, the Destiny Guardian XM8 has a special power that deals more damage if you are shooting from the high ground.

5. AK47 - Flaming Dragon

Flaming Dragon is, without a doubt, one of the most hunted gun skins amongst players. It does not just boast awesome aesthetics but also buffs the attributes considerably.

Ak47 Flaming Dragon
You can find it in the AK47 Flaming Dragon Loot Crate.

This skin increases both damage and fire rate, which leads to an exponential boost in DPS output.

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