Evolution skins are special weapon skins in Free Fire. Apart from having good stats and look, an evolution skin will also have a special ability. There is a total of 4 evolution skins in Free Fire. According to leak, the next evolution skin in Free Fire will be the XM8 Destiny Guardian Evolution skin.

Free Fire XM8 Destiny Guardian Evolution Skin

Here are the stats of the XM8 Destiny Guardian:

  • Damage ++
  • Fire Rate +
  • Reload Speed -
  • Special Ability: Attack from the high ground the gain additional damage.

Overall, the XM8 Destiny Guardian Evolution Skin offers great stats with both Damage and Rate of Fire buffed. According to OB29 update leaks, the XM8 also got a little buff, so maybe people will use it more often.  The Special Ability of the skin is quite nice. It is nothing too powerful but will be helpful in some situations.

The XM8 Destiny Guardian Evolution skin has a total of 7 levels just like other evolution skins. Each level will upgrade the appearance and the power of the skin.

Level 1

  • Damage +
  • Rate of Fire +
  • Reload --
Xm8 Evolution Skin Level 1
XM8 Evolution Skin Level 1

Level 2

  • Damage +
  • Rate of Fire +
  • Reload -
  • Exclusive announcement.
Xm8 Evolution Skin Level 2
XM8 Evolution Skin Level 2

Level 3

More visual on the body part of the weapon.

Xm8 Evolution Skin Level 3
XM8 Evolution Skin Level 3

Level 4

Unlock exclusive bullet effect and kill effect.

Xm8 Evolution Skin Level 4
XM8 Evolution Skin Level 4

Level 5

Unlock hit effect.

Xm8 Evolution Skin Level 5
XM8 Evolution Skin Level 5

Level 6

  • Damage ++
  • Rate of Fire +
  • Reload Speed +
  • Unlock special ability.
  • More visual effect.

It is recommended that the player upgrade the XM8 Evolution skin to at least level 6 to unlock its full power. Otherwise, the skin will be even weaker than a normal skin.

Xm8 Evolution Skin Level 6
XM8 Evolution Skin Level 6

Level 7

  • Unlock exclusive emote.
  • More visual effect.
Xm8 Evolution Skin Level 7
XM8 Evolution Skin Level 7

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