In Free Fire, apart from guns, players can choose to use many different items to aid them in battle. Among them, Grenades are one of the most used items as they are common and useful. There are many types of Grenades in Free Fire and they can turn the outcome of your fight around if you know how to them correctly.

Here are the top 5 advanced Free Fire Grenade tricks that will help you a big-time to get that sweet Booyah!

1. Frag Grenade Timing

Free Fire introduced a new feature a few patches ago that allows players to cook their Frag Grenade before throwing. If you can get the right timing, your Frag Grenade can explode right when it reaches the enemy, giving them no time to react. So what is the best timing to throw your Frag Grenade?

Generally, you would want to throw your Grenade when the timer reaches 2.5 seconds. This is the timer for the high-angle throw. That means you can use this timing for any throw and the grenade will definitely not explode before it reaches its destination. If the target is closer or your throwing angle is low, you can wait for the timer to reach 2 seconds or 1.5 seconds before you throw.

Free Fire Grenade Tricks 1
Wait for the timer to reach 2.5 seconds before throwing.

2. Smoke Grenade + Frag Grenade Combo

Sometimes, the enemy is just too far away for you to throw Frag Grenade. In this situation, you can make use of Smoke Grenade, throw it and get inside the smoke area.

Inside the smoke area, you can still barely see the terrain, buildings outside, just enough to throw your Frag Grenade precisely. Meanwhile, the enemy cannot see you inside the smoke and take you down.

You can also use a Gloo Wall to protect yourself as well, but a Smoke Grenade can cover a wider area from many angles.

Free Fire Grenade Tricks 2
You can still see things outside from within the smoke area.

3. Quick Gloo Wall

The Quick Gloo Wall technique is one of the most important Free Fire Grenade tricks, especially in high-level matches. This technique involving placing a Gloo Wall in front of you while you are firing at the enemy. It prevents the enemy from counter attack you if you failed to kill them in your first attempt.

It is super annoying when you have to fight a player who knows how to use this technique properly. The technique is very simple, but it requires a fast hand. You will need some time of practicing before you can get used to it.

How To Use Fast Gloo Wall In Free Fire
You can deploy Gloo Wall fast with this trick.

Here are all the steps to use the Quick Gloo Wall technique:

  • Step 1: You hold your Fire button to spray at the enemy. Remember to pull your Fire button up for headshot and for the next step.
  • Step 2: Switch to the Gloo Wall when you feel like you need to (still holding the Fire button).
  • Step 3: Aim the Gloo Wall to where you want to place it by dragging the Fire button (your finger is still holding the Fire button). The lower you aim the closer the Gloo Wall will be.
  • Step 4: Release the Fire button and the Gloo Wall will be placed.

4. Throw Grenade Through Walls Trick

Free Fire has a much less demanding requirement when compared to other battle royale games on mobiles. This makes the game more accessible to many players. However, at the same time, there is also a lot of bugs, texture errors in the game. Because of this, there are many Free Fire Grenade tricks to toss a Grenade through walls and kill the enemy inside.

Throw Grenades through the container

In Free Fire, many players hide in a container and place a Gloo Wall outside to cover themselves and heal up. But if you know how to, you can throw a Frag Grenade through the side of the container.

You need to be on the left side of the container, crouch, and angle like in the picture below. This way, a part of your right hand will sink inside the container and you can throw a Grenade inside it.

How to throw grenade through container
You can throw Grenades in the container.

Throw Grenades through houses, and tents

There is a small gap between the walls of houses and the ground in Free Fire. These gaps are small brown lines, but big enough for a Grenade to slide in of your aim correctly.

Grenade Tricks Free Fire 3
Aim for the brown line under the house.

Tents are the same. If you happen to see an enemy covering themselves up this like, just throw a grenade in throw the small brow line under the tent.

Free Fire Grenade Tricks 4
Aim for the brown line under the tent.

As for these small wooden houses, you need to aim for the shadow line under the roof on the wall. These Free Fire Grenade tricks will help you caught off guard and get the kill easily.

Free Fire Grenade Tricks 5
Aim for the shadow part under right the roof.

5. Silent Walk With Grenade

When you are sneaking up on an enemy, your walking sound may blow your cover. However, if you hold a Grenade while walking, you won't make any sound while walking.

Free Fire Grenade Tricks 6
Hold your grenade while walking.

Above are the top 5 grenade tricks in Free Fire that pro players often use in the game. For more gaming news and tips, check these related posts!