Gloo Wall grenades are one of the essential utility tools in Free Fire. It instantly creates a cover that protects the user and all players hidden behind the wall. Destroying these walls normally are not recommended, as they are bullet sponges that can take a lot of punishment.

However, there are other ways to counter Gloo Wall users. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best methods to counter Gloo Walls in Free Fire MAX.

1. Flank the target

While Gloo walls provide great protection in a 180 degree arc, players can just treat it like any other cover. Instead of shooting through the wall, try to go around and shoot at the target behind it from another angle.

Gloo Wall Free Fire
Flanking is the most straightforward way to deal with Gloo Walls.

Overall, while this method is reliable, its effectiveness relies on the location of the target. Players might not have the chance to flank them if they are too far. Additionally, flanking from high ground is also an option. By getting on top of a building or somewhere high, players should be able to bypass the wall.

2. Use characters with anti-Gloo Wall abilities

There are a number of characters in Free Fire with the ability to counter Gloo walls:


Xayne's Xtreme Encounter is an active ability that grants the user 80 HP temporarily, which gets removed over a 10-second duration. During the skill's effect, the user deals 100% extra damage to Gloo Walls and Shield. Xtreme Encounter has a 100 seconds cooldown at max level. Overall, this ability pretty much cannot be spammed at all.



Nairi's ability is a passive skill called Ice Iron. It allows a player's deployed Gloo walls to heal 30% of its durability every second. Additionally, players with this skill will do 30% increased damage to Gloo walls with assault rifles.



Skyler's ability is also an active skill, however, instead of buffing your own damage, it releases a wave that damages up to five Gloo Walls in a 100 meters radius. Additionally, whenever the player places a Gloo Wall, they would get an HP regeneration boost for short period.

This ability has a fairly low cooldown of 40 seconds, which means you can use it fairly often in every encounter.


3. Throw Frag Grenades

Throwing frag grenades is one of the easiest ways to deal with gloo walls. If you manage to get the right angle, it is possible to throw them past the wall to damage people behind it.

Grenade damage alone should not be able to crack a wall, however, players need multiple throws from teammates for the best result.

4. Use the M82B to penetrate Gloo walls

The M82B is probably the weapon with the most special abilities in the game. Besides piercing armor, it can also deal extra damage to Gloo Walls and Vehicles... and even pierce the walls to hit the targets behind it.



Stat wise, the M82B has about the same Damage, Fire Rate and Accuracy as other sniper rifles such as the AWM... which means the damage output on an unarmored target are pretty much the same. However, it has a whopping 67 armor penetration, something the other sniper rifles do not have.

5. Use a Flamethrower

Flamethrowers are not a very useful weapon in Free Fire, as their range is too short. However, it is highly effective against Gloo Walls. Players can melt these walls out of existence in just a few seconds.

Getting up close to the walls to use this can be an issue - players might as well flank the enemy instead of attacking the wall.

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