Getting a headshot is one of the most important gameplay mechanics in shooters... and Free Fire is not an exception to that rule. While players' skill is a major factor in scoring headshots in Free Fire, the quality of their weapon also plays a role. Some weapons are better at scoring headshots than others.

Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to list out the top 5 best guns for headshots in Free Fire OB33.

1. AWM

The AWM is probably the best sniper rifle in the game. While the damage stat of the AWM is equal to other guns in its class, it has a hidden headshot bonus damage. You would be able to one-hit kill targets no matter what helmets they are wearing, with a headshot.

Free Fire Gun Sound Awm

The gun has extreme range and accuracy stats - amongst the strongest in-game. If you managed to get your hand on either a silencer or a muzzle, it would be almost impossible to stop. Its weaknesses are the lower fire rate and heavyweight - you can't fire the thing repeatedly.

2. Vector (Akimbo)

The Vector is the first Akimbo weapon in Free Fire, it has a short effective range, but devastating power in close range. Even after all the nerfs in previous patches, the Vector Akimbo is still super strong. With a fire rate of 81, it is the second-fastest weapon in the game, just a bit slower than the MP40.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo
Vector Akimbo

For an SMG that has high recoil, the Vector surprisingly offers a good accuracy of 61. This allows players to score headshots fairly reliably at close range.

3. M4A1

The M4A1 is the AR with the highest effective range in the game. Coupled with its excellent accuracy and ability to equip all attachments, a fully decked M4 is pretty much the best gun to have in the last circles. If you are new to Free Fire, getting an M4A1 is probably the easiest.

free fire best assault rifle

4. M14

The M14 is the only marksman rifle in Free Fire without the ability to penetrate armor - this makes it the weakest in the class. In exchange for the lowered stats, the M14 has a slightly higher fire rate and is more effective in the early game.


Unlike the rest of this list, the M14 does not spawn with a scope - you have to find one yourself.

5. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a Marksman Rifle that excels in mid to long-range combat. The best part about the M21 is its armor-piercing ability. With a whopping 75 points in armor penetration stat (the highest in the game), the M21 Woodpecker can ignore up to 3/4 of enemies' damage reduction from armors and helmets. This would ensure its power in the late game, in which everyone would be wearing high-level gears.


Lastly, the Woodpecker has the highest accuracy amongst all AR or semi-auto sniper rifle in the game. With 69 points, you would be able to snipe from afar with relatively good results.

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