Free Fire's OB34 update is going to come out in just 2 days, on May 25th. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire OB34 patch notes.

1. Free Fire OB34 new features

Rank system changes

The ranked system will get an overhaul in OB34, from UI to rewards. Players now have a clear and simple UI with better layout, and higher incentives for ascending rankings. Players can get limited-time epic gun skins when reaching a particular tier. The rewards of the highest tiers, Heroic and Master, are going to be exclusive emotes.

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On top of that, the higher tiers in BR mode are further divided so that the ranks reflect players' skills better. This means ranked games are going to be more enjoyable, with players having the same skill level.

CS ranked season 13 reward

As usual, upon reaching Gold 3 in Clash Squad ranked, players will receive a golden M14.

New 5v5 mode and El Pastelo map

The addition of Bomb Squad to the main game mode is one of the most significant changes in Free Fire OB31. Garena is beginning to add other game modes that do not involve battle royale. Bomb squad is pretty much the classic mode in Counter Strike, with 2 teams of 5 going against each other. One team would plant a bomb while the other protects the bomb site.

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The new mode is going to be part of a brand new map, El Pastelo. Its layout accommodates the gameplay, with 2 different bomb sites and other objects arranged strategically.

Craftland upgrade

  • Craftland is now available to normal Free Fire players.
  • Five different types of zombies and an interactable tower are added.
  • More map editing features are available. Crafters can now incorporate the Clash Squad or Team Deathmatch mechanics to Craftland and have fun with other players.
  • A new smaller map called Isle of Champs is also available, allowing players to fight in a much smaller area.

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Smart Pins

The Smart Pin function is now improved, with regular markers becoming visually distinct in comparison with the ones available on the minimap. This would ensure clarity amongst players.

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Additionally, each teammate now has a visual color cue available on the marker to avoid confusion. Players can now mark enemies after they have been knocked out, which is a huge communication boost.

2. Free Fire OB34 Guns and character balance

New M24 sniper rifle

Garena usually adds new weapons into the game with every big update, and OB34 is not an exception. The M24, a new light sniper rifle, will be making its way to Free Fire. It is a light sniper rifle with a good rate of fire, decent damage and excellent mobility. Players can easily deal chip damage to opponents using it.

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Weapon balance and Armor upgrade system

The VSS, KAR98K, and SCAR are going to be rebalanced in this update. The VSS and KAR98K are going to be nerfed while the SCAR would receive a buff. The weapon has been pretty underpowered for a while now compared to other assault rifles.

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Garena is going to implement a new armor level up system in Clash Squad. Users can now pay a smaller amount to upgrade their armor to the next level. Additionally, the M500 will also receive an animation upgrade.

Characters balance

While there were a lot of changes in the OB34 advance server, only a few were brought to the actual patch. Overall, looks like the new character is going to arrive later in other events.

  • Wolfrahh

The number of kills for max stack has been reduced from 6 to 3. This means it takes a smaller number of kills to get the same effect now, making Wolfrahh much better. Headshot damage boost per kill is increased by 10%, and headshot damage protection is also boosted by the same amount.

  • Dimitri

Dimitri's ability will allow the self-recovering players to move and no longer lose HP. This is a huge buff and will further increase the character's effectiveness.

  • D-Bee

D-Bee's passive skill ahs been buffed so that the character is effective when using heavier weapons. Players will get 20% increase in speed while shooting instead of the usual 15%. This would definitely improve the characters' popularity.

  • Steffie

Painted Refuge's rework in the previous patch made the skill a perfect choice for support in Free Fire. Looks like Garena want to boost the support role, as the skill has received a slight buff in OB34. With a 30 seconds reduction in cooldown at all levels, the ability should be a top pick now.

  • Xayne

Xayne's ability gets amplified greatly in OB34. Xtreme Encounter provides 150 HP instead of its current 80 HP, and the bonus damage to gloo walls and shields also increases from 80% to 100%. The duration of the skill is reduced by a whopping 50%, however, down to 10 from 15.

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