Free Fire MAX has a huge arsenal of weapons and guns of all kinds. Each gun has its own strength and weakness. If a gun is excellent for long-range combats then it will most likely not perform well in close-range combats.

A good gun combination will help you minimize the weakness of your weapons to deal with all in-game situations. Here are the top 5 best gun combinations in Free Fire MAX.

1. MAC 10 + AUG

The MAC 10 is one of the latest SMGs in Free Fire with a high rate of fire. The gun is optimized for close-range combats. Meanwhile, the AUG is a balanced assault rifle that fits in all combat situations so it can support the MAC 10.

Mac 10 Free Fire
The MAC 10 is one of the latest weapons in Free Fire.

2. P90 + M14

The P90 is another powerful SMG in Free Fire MAX. It has a high rate of fire and an exceptional magazine size to deal with enemies nearby. The M14 on the other hand is great in long-range situations to compensate for the range of the P90.

Redeem Egg Hunter M14 Skin 1 1024x576
The M14 can help the P90 in long-range combat.

3. MP40 + M82B

The MP40 is one of the strongest close-range weapons in the game because of its insane rate of fire, but this weapon seriously lacks range. That is why you are going to need a powerful sniper such as the M82B to deal with enemies from far away.

4. Double M1887

The double M1887 setup is a special setup for people who love rushing. The M1887 itself is a very strong weapon that can burst down an enemy quickly but it only has 2 bullets. So in case, the enemy survives the first 2 shots, you can pull out the other M1887 to finish them off instead of reloading.

Free Fire M1887
The double M1887 setup is a scary combo in close-range combat.


The SCAR is a well-balanced assault rife that is loved by new players. You can combine it with the SVD to make a really strong camping setup and eliminate enemies from a safe distance.

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