Free Fire has a wide range of weapons with many categories from shotguns, SMGs, sniper rifles,... While the performance of a gun is determined by many aspects such as range, recoil,.. players tend to gear toward weapons with high damage to quickly take down the enemy.

In this list, we are going to show you the top 5 weapons with the highest damage output in Free Fire.

5. AWM

The AWM is the strongest sniper rifle in Free Fire. It is super rare and can only be found in airdrops. The weapon has excellent damage, range, and accuracy on top of the pre-attached 8x scope. With this weapon in your hand, you will be super deadly with the ability to one-shot people from far away.

Awm Free Fire
AWM is the best long-range gun in Free Fire.

4. Groza

The Groza is also a weapon from the airdrops in Free Fire and it has been getting a lot of buffs for several patches. As an AR, the Groza is suitable for every situation. It has an amazing range for long-range combat while having enough damage to compete with SMGs in close-range combats.

Free Fire Groza
Groza is the best AR for in-game leaders.

3. MP40

The MP40 still remains as one of the top SMG since release due to the fact that it has the highest rate of fire in the game. The weapon is simple to use and effective in close-range combats. It has enough power to go toe-to-toe against shotguns while doesn't get affected by range as much as shotguns. The MP40 falls off hard in mid-range and long-range combats in terms of both accuracy and damage so players need to use it with another weapon.

Free Fire Smgs Mp40
With an insane rate of fire, the MP40 remains one of the strongest SMG in Free Fire.

2. Akimbo Vector

The Akimbo Vector is no doubt can dish out an insane amount of damage, even more than the MP40, in close-range combats. It was so OP when it first came out that it has been nerfed several times. Yet, it is still a very powerful weapon.

However, the weakness of the Akimbo Vector is also quite fatal. You cannot have another weapon for mid-range and long-range combats. And if you only use 1 Vector, the weapon is quite underwhelmed compared to pretty much all other weapons.

Free Fire Ob25 Vector
The Akimbo Vector can deal a great amount of damage in an instance.

1. M1887

The M1887 still holds the King of Shotgun title after all the updates because of its power to burst down an enemy faster than any other weapon. It can take down a player with only 2 shots and its range is higher than most other shotguns. In a hand of a veteran player, this weapon is super dangerous. However, if you are just starting out, it might not be able to use all of its power since it only has 2 bullets per magazine.

M1887 Produces The Hugest Damage In Free Fire
M1887 produces the hugest damage in Free Fire

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