In celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Garena has recently announced the Valentine Wish event with exclusive rewards to get. The event will feature a slew of new and attractive cosmetics, consisting of two special outfits: Princess Pink Bundle and Prince Pink Bundle.

Those who love collecting Gloo Wall skins will also be glad to know that there’s also a Gloo Wall skin and an emote available.

While the bundles are just up for grabs, the emote has been there for several years and the Gloo Wall skin used to be available in the 2020 Valentine’s Star event. Check out how to get all Valentine Wish event rewards before it expires!

Valentine Wish Event Rewards
What can you get from the new Free Fire Valentine Wish event?

Free Fire Valentine Wish event rewards

The New Valentine's Wish event of Free Fire has started on February 7, 2022, and you can get the rewards until February 13. A spin in the event will cost 20 diamonds. If you choose to use a pack of 10+1, it will be priced at 200 diamonds.

The items will be given out randomly. Once you have obtained a prize, it will be grayed out and not repeated for another spin. This will enhance your chance of winning other items in the pool.

You can take a look at the reward pool for the event below:

Unique Prizes

Valentine Wish Event Rewards Unique
Unique Prizes include a lot of fun looking bundles and exclusive goods.

1. Flowers of Love

2. Prince Pink Bundle

3. Princess Pink Bundle

4. Gloo Wall – Power of Love

5. Katana Season of Pink

6. Heart Angel

7. Golden Rose backpack

8. Season of Love

9. Pet Skin: Valentine's Fox

10. Cupid's Arrow

11. Love Kiss (Boy)

12. Love Hear (Girl)

13. Lovers

14. Love at First Sight

15. Be my Valentine

16. Blue Cupid

17. Strawberry Love

18. Be my Valentine!

Normal Prizes

Free Fire New Event How To Complete Valentine Wish
Normal Prizes list also include a slew of interesting stuff that players can get for limited time.

1. Cupid SCAR Weapon Loot Crate

2. Valentines's (AK+AWM) Weapon Loot Crate

3. Water Balloon (AK) Weapon Loot Crate

4. Pet Food

5. Resupply Map

6. Scan

7. Bonfire

8. Summon Airdrop

9. Universal Fragment x 50

10. Memory Fragment x 50 (Jota)

11. Memory Fragment x 50(Luqueta)

12. Memory Fragment x 50 (D-Bee)

13. Memory Fragment x 50 (Xayne)

14. Memory Fragment x 50 (Maro)

15. Memory Fragment x 50 (Leon)

16. Memory Fragment x 50 (Otho)

As it is not guaranteed to get certain rewards after a specific time of spins, only those who have a decent amount of square diamonds should invest in this new event.

How to get Valentine Wish event rewards

To get Valentine Wish rewards, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Access the Free Fire Valentine's Wish event by clicking the "Go To" button in the news tab.

Step 2. Now, all you need to do is make the spins until you get the reward you want.

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