Free Fire players can never get enough of new skins, bundles and they would never want to pass up a chance to get more new skins for free. Luckily, Free Fire also releases new events frequently with free skins for players to grab.

In the latest Squad Beatz event, a bunch of new items has been added to the game and a lot of them are free. All players have to do is complete event missions to claim them.

In this article, we will show you how to get the new Maroon Laser Pan skin from the latest Kill Challenge event.

Maroon Laser Pan Skin
Players can claim the Maroon Laser Pan skin for free in Free Fire now.

How To Get The Maroon Laser Pan Skin For Free in Free Fire

Event duration: February 8 to February 14

For the duration of the event, players can complete the event mission to get a Gold Royale Voucher, a Weapon Royale Voucher, a Maroon Laser Pan skin, Beatz Tokens. Here are the details:

  • Kill 10 enemies: Gold Royale Voucher, 5 Beatz Tokens
  • Kill 20 enemies: Weapon Royale Voucher, 5 Beatz Tokens
  • Kill 50 enemies: Maroon Laser Pan skin, 5 Beatz Tokens

The Gold Royale Voucher and the Weapon Royale Voucher will expire at the end of March.

It is simpler to get kills in casual Clash Squad mode since there are many rounds, and the gameplay is fast. Plus, people don't try hard very much when there are no rank points on the line.

Kill Challenge Event Free Fire
Complete mission to get rewards in the Kill Challenge Event Free Fire.

In addition, when players log in to Free Fire on February 12, they will be able to claim a Brassy Backpack for free.

There are still more free rewards to come in the Squad Beatz event so stay tuned with us for the latest information.

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