Free Fire is a highly competitive shooter, especially in ranked mode. Because of that, you would need every advantage you can get against enemies... and picking the right skill is probably the easiest thing to do. However, skills in Free Fire get changed all the time - in this article, we are going to showcase the best Free Fire characters to use in OB32 ranked.

1. Skyler

With Chrono's rework, Free Fire players are once again relying on Gloo walls for protection purposes. Skyler's Riptide Rhythm is the perfect skill to counter that strategy. On activation, players can release a shockwave that destroys enemies' gloo walls within a certain range.


Furthermore, the ability also has a defensive aspect, giving the user temporary HP regeneration based on the number of Gloo wall they have. While each aspect of the skill is not that remarkable, when combined, they are highly useful. Skyler's ability also has a super low cooldown that allows players to spam it freely at any time.

2. Jota

Jota used to be one of the weakest characters in the game, with a skill that only works on shotguns and SMGs. However, after his rework in OB29, Jota's passive now work on every gun and heals players on bullet hit instead of kill.


This allow Jota users to be even more aggressive in combat, as they would have an edge in HP during an aim duel and after it. If players manage to knock down an opponent, they can recover as much as 10% HP.

3. Dimitri

Dimitri is one of the best defensive characters in Free Fire, perfect for players who have a passive playstyle. Upon activation, Dimitri creates a 3.5m diameter healing aura for the whole squad. While the healing range and amount are lower than Chrono, it has a special extra effect that allow the user and allied players to self recover when downed.


Overall, this is super useful in long range duels, where enemies cannot finish the player off in time. By activating the skill, players can just slowly get back when they are out of sight.

4. Alok

Alok has remained one of the staple characters in Free Fire ever since his release. When activated, Drop the beat would create an aura of healing and movement speed that affect all teammates in the radius. This allows you to move around faster and flank enemies much easier.

While the speed and healing bonus do not give you as much advantage offensively as Skyler, the bonus healing allows you to save medkits until they are actually needed.


5. K

K or KSHMR got a huge buff in Free Fire OB31. Master of All now regenerates EP faster, with a rate of 2 EP per second at level 6. This is twice as fast as the previous version. Players can fill up their tank right away and keep its regeneration up for the whole match.

Furthermore, the Max EP regeneration limit has also been increased by 66%, from 150 to 250. This is an extra 100 EP that players can use for whatever they want.

K's Master of All
K's Master of All get buffed in OB31

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