Positioning is important in most shooters, and Free Fire is not an exception. This gets even more important in the End zones when the play area shrinks to just a small circle. In this situation, picking the right zone to camp and defend is the key to getting the Booyah.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 tips and tricks for positioning in Free Fire end zones.

1. Secure the high ground

The most advantageous position a player can hold in Free Fire's last circle is the high ground. By securing it, players would be able to get a clear view of the surroundings and detect the locations of enemies.

Staying on the high ground also makes them a smaller target. It is very hard for enemies on lower ground to target high-ground players who are crouching or lying prone. If you managed to claim this advantage, try to defend it at all costs.

Free Fire Sniping Sniper Guide En 1
Getting the high ground allowing players to snipe much easier than normal.

2. Camp inside buildings

If the end zone includes structures like buildings, staying inside them is also a good idea. They provide solid cover that allows players to fight back against more than one enemy rushing. Furthermore, the building's defense can also be improved by gloo walls blocking. Players can seal off access to the location with a grenade to force enemies to either back off or risk getting killed.

3. Use natural cover

If there are no high ground or any defensive structure nearby, your best bet are natural structures like rocks, trees and anything else that can be used as a cover. In sticky situations, players can even wall themself off with a gloo wall next to the barrier.

However, natural covers are very vulnerable to grenades, unlike high grounds or buildings. By throwing grenades, players can for enemies out of a barrier, which can lead to a quick elimination.

Keep Moving And Looting
Using natural cover to prevent enemies from detecting your location..

4. Use building corners

In the end zones, when there are only a few players left on the battlefield, the buildings' corners can become a good hiding spot. Players can peak and spot targets - those proficient with the sniper rifles can score quick hits against enemies.

When using this strategy, players need to be constantly on alert about enemies' positions. If they flank or rotate around it, it would be very hard to defend.

5. Use gloo walls

If players got to the zone late and all the above spots have been taken, the only way to survive is to deploy a gloo wall and weather out the storm. As gloo walls have HP and can be destroyed, it is not nearly as safe as any method above. Furthermore, it also expires after a period of time, which is definitely not ideal for a heated combat situation. Enemies might have Skyler's ability as well.

Gloo Wall
Deploying Gloo Walls on time prevent is crucial in avoiding attacks.

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