Clash Squad is the second-most popular game mode in Free Fire, only after the Battle Royale mode. There is even a Clash Squad Ranked mode for players who want to be a little more competitive and get rewards at the end of each season. To get to higher ranks, players not only need great in-game skills but also good choices of characters.

Lets' find out which are the best characters for Clash Squad in the OB32 update in Free Fire in this article.

Top 5 Best characters for Clash Squad in Free Fire

1. Skyler

Skyler allows players to destroy 5 Gloo Walls instantly when activated. In addition, players will get health regen whenever they place a Gloo Wall. He is a great character that offers both offensive and defensive capability. He can destroy enemies' Gloo Wall quickly giving them no place to hide.

Skyler's ability can destroy Gloo Wall instantly and heal you whenever you place a Gloo Wall.

2. K

K's ability to leave players in one of 2 modes. One more passively gives players EP while the other mode allows him to consume EP 500% faster. There is a 3 seconds cooldown to switch between 2 modes. The first mode pretty much gives K an unlimited amount of healing. And when he is in a critical situation, he can switch to the second mode to quickly heal up from the EP he has been stacking up.

Free Fire K
K can provide you with unlimited healing resources.

3. Alok

Alok has been one of the best characters in Free Fire since he was released and he still is. His ability creates a circle that increases his movement and heals him by 5 HP/s. The duration of the ability is 10 seconds at the max level while the cooldown is only 45 seconds.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
The active skill Drop The Beat of Dj Alok

4. Hayato Awaken

Even though Hayato Awaken is a free-to-play character, his ability is extremely useful in a fight. For each 10% HP he loses, he gains additional armor penetration as well as frontal damage reduction. This ability can throw off a lot of players, giving you the upper hand during critical moments.

Hayato Awaken
Hayato Awaken is a great character despite being free-to-play.

5. Xayne

Xayne is one of the newer characters in Free Fire and she also possesses quite a unique ability. Her ability gives her temporarily 80 HP instantly and 130% bonus damage against Gloo Walls for 15 seconds. This ability can help you turn the table in near-death situations with the instant 80 HP buff, plus the damage bonus to destroy Gloo Walls quickly.

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