Free Fire has been non-stop releasing new events with many exclusive bundles and rewards for players to claim. One of the latest events in Free Fire is the Emote Party event, where players can get all kinds of Legendary to emote, including the special interactive Rock Paper Scissors emote.

Free Fire Emote Party 1
Join the Free Fire Emote Party to obtain emotes.


Emote Party Free Fire Event

Event duration: January 20 to January 26

The Emote Party Free Fire event is a lucky spin event with tons of emotes as rewards. Players can spin for a prize with a normal draw or a super draw. The first draw for each spin is discounted. The Normal Draw costs 19 Diamonds (9 Diamonds when discounted).

The Super Draw costs 199 Diamonds (99 Diamondswhen discounted). The Super Draw will guarantee to give you an emote every time. Also, the 5th Super Draw will guarantee to give you the exclusive Rock Paper Scissors emote. Every 5 subsequent Super Draw will guarantee to give you a Legendary Emote you haven't owned yet.

Free Fire Emote Party
Players can use Normal or Super Draw to the emotes from the event.

There is a total of 5 Legendary emotes in the pool:

  • Rock Paper Scissors emote
  • FFWC Throne emote
  • Captain Booyah emote
  • All In Control emote
  • Debugging emote

Other than these emote there is a lot of other fun emotes you can get such as the Bring It On emote, Bhangra emote, Fancy Hands, emote,...

The Rock Paper Scissors emote is the first interactive emote ever in Free Fire. You can use it to play Rock Paper Scissors with your friend in the lobby for fun.

There are also many new She Plays Free Fire events coming to the game tomorrow with many free rewards. Make sure you don't miss them.

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