Cheaters and hackers are the menaces that affect the gaming experience of many other players in Free Fire. The anti-hack system is usually updated to strengthen the privacy of the game. Besides, the game publishers – Garena also publish strict policies against playing dirty.

From using glitches, bugs, to making use of unauthorized game clients, multiple activities can get a player banned in Free Fire. As these activities lead to an unfair gaming environment, Garena will not tolerate them.

Check out the Free Fire ban policy below to know what you should avoid in order not to be restricted from playing the game.

Free Fire
Players should avoid involving in certain actions if they don't want Free Fire to ban them.

How a player gets banned in Free Fire

Regarding banning cases, the official page of Garena has clearly stated as follows:

"As such, we adopted a zero-tolerance policy, any account found guilty will be permanently suspended and is final."

Take a look at the list of prohibited activities that may list players into the target list of Free Fire ban policy:

1. If the player uses an unauthorized or modified game client.

2. If the user uses unauthorized tools that have an impact on the game client.

3. If mobile gamers use unofficial programs to go ahead of other players.

4. If the players use bugs and glitches to benefit themselves instead of reporting them.

5. If Free Fire players bypass the anti-hack system by locally transferring data.

6. If they modify the model files to their benefit.

7. If mobile gamers are repeatedly reported by fellow players for abnormal gameplay, there is substantial evidence to incriminate them.

Hacker Free Fire
Apart from the rules, you should not use non-official websites enter the game.

Apart from that, banned players cannot take their accounts back as the decision made by Garena has been adequately analyzed before they put it into effect.

To make sure that your Free Fire account is not at risk, you should not download the game from non-official sources. It is also recommended that you should not enter your account information on other third-party websites such as diamond generators. Moreover, avoid teaming up with hackers to take advantage of other mobile players.

Moreover, last year, more than 1 million Free Fire accounts were Banned for hacking in only two weeks of November. Make sure to follow the ban policy to steer clear of this ban list.

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