Free Fire's OB32 patch is coming out very soon, and along with it, a number of buffs and nerfs to all aspects of the game, such as weapons, characters, and even items. In this article, is going to showcase the biggest Free Fire OB32 balance changes and analyze their effects on the Meta.

Free Fire's OB32 update is coming out very soon.

1. Character changes in OB32

In this patch, only two characters get their abilities rebalanced: Olivia and Maxim. While the former has been one of the weakest characters in the game for quite a while, the latter has been enjoying his popularity ever since his recent buff.


Olivia's skill is a passive called "Healing Touch", which gives up to 70 extra HP to players revived by Olivia. In OB 32, it is going to be boosted to 80 HP at the max level. Overall, this skill is still pretty weak even with the buff. Only a drastic number boost could make it actually viable.

Olivia Free Fire
Olivia is one of the weakest characters in Free Fire currently.


After his buff last year, Maxim has become one of the MVP characters in Meta and since then has been hit with 2 nerfs in a row. His Gluttony passive allows players to use medkits faster. In OB 32, the skill's bonus is going to be reduced from 30 to 25%. Overall, the two nerfs have been fairly effective - Maxim's ability might not be worth its slot now.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim is no longer as useful as when he was first buffed in OB27.

2. Weapon changes in OB32

The biggest change in this patch is the nerf to all shotguns and SMGs. Looks like this is a reversal for the SMG/Shotgun buffs in recent patches.

Weapon balancing adjustments in Free Fire OB32

Shotguns/SMGs nerf

Overall, Garena has actually been over buffing these weapons quite a bit, making them too unbalanced to counter. In OB32, Shotguns and SMGs will have their range and long distance headshot damage reduced.

The change would affect popular weapons like the M1887 the most. Guns with an already shot range like the MP40 are mostly unaffected.

Weapon buffs

  • SCAR & AUG get a boost in effective range and damage.
  • Kingfisher gets a magazine size increase.
  • Treatment snipers now have aim assist when used against enemies.

Overall, the least powerful ARs get buffed a fair bit, which might affect their popularity slightly. Treatment snipers' aim assist is more of a fix than a buff.

3. Equipment changes

Apparently, to counter Grenade META, Garena has decided to give all levels of vests extra protection against explosive damage now. They were going to add blast resistance attachment to the game but probably reconsidered to just give all vests extra protection instead. Grenades won't be as effective now in comparison with OB31.

Free Fire Grenade Tricks 3
Grenade damage would be much less dangerous in OB32.

Level 1/2/3 vests will gain an extra 10/15/20% explosive damage resistance. This will also affect all explosive damage from grenade launchers, crossbows, and landmines.

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