To prepare for each OB update, Garena usually releases an Advance Server so that players could test out the new features before they are made available. The OB32 version of it has just come out. In this article, we are going to list out all new features in Free Fire OB32 Advance Server.

Free Fire OB32 update date is scheduled for January 19, 2022.

1. New weapons in Free Fire OB32 Advance Server

Charge Buster

A new unlimited ammo shotgun has just been added to Free Fire OB32. It is a futuristic weapon similar to the Treatment Sniper and Plasma gun, with the ability to fire without consuming ammo. To use this weapon, players need to hold the Fire button to charge it up over time, which increases the range and damage the longer you charge.

Charge Buster Free Fire
Free Fire OB32 leaks: Charge Buster Shotgun

This means the Charge Buster is the new weapon with the strongest firepower in Free Fire. It is possible to kill an enemy instantly with a max charge shot. The best part is that this gun is going to be added to Clash Squad, where close range weapons are just as strong as mid range weapons.


M1887-X is an experimental version of the M1887, with 3 bullets in its chamber instead of 2. This effectively makes the gun twice as dangerous, as the feature removes the weapon's only weakness of low ammo count.

In exchange for this buff, the M1887-X has slightly lower damage in medium range, which doesn't really matter much. Each pellet now does 8 damage instead of the usual 9.


SVD-Y is a new separate variant of the SVD that has the same ability as the M82B: its bullets penetrate Gloo Walls. As the SVD is already a super popular and powerful weapon, this Y variant might finally push it over the edge of becoming unbalanced.

Garena might nerf the SVD-Y's damage to compensate for this extra ability.

1 Svd Free Fire Game
The SVD is going to be even deadlier now.


The M249-X is a new variant of the M249, with an increased fire rate. As the M249 is one of the most unpopular weapons in the game, this buff is certainly welcome. Garena is going to make this variant available without any nerf.

Overall, the biggest weakness of the M249, its long reload time, still has not been fixed. This weapon is likely to be just as unpopular as the base version.


The Groza, one of the best weapons in the game, is getting an X version with even more damage and a faster fire rate. Unlike the base version, it can be found on the map, albeit rare. The reason for this change is probably the fact that the Groza has been powercreeped by other weapons like the M4A1 over time.

2. New features, modes and character changes

Newbie Corner

This is a chain mission catering to the new players joining Free Fire for the first time, alongside old players returning to the game. Players will be able to unlock a few characters and their bundles for free by completing certain tasks. Furthermore, there are also a number of valuable rewards such as diamonds and weapon boxes.

Newbie Corner feature
Newbie Corner feature

Lone Wolf Strike Out

The Lone Wolf mode added in the previous OB patch was pretty well received. Because of that, Garena has decided to improve it even further with the release of the Lone Wolf Strike Out variant in OB32.

Lone Wolf Strike Out
Lone Wolf Strike Out mode in Free Fire OB32 Advance Server

This is more or less a Lone Wolf battle royale between multiple players. The mode would give each player a number of HP and put them in multiple continuous 1vs1 battles. The winners would continue to fight while the loser drop HP and spectate for one round. Those who reach 0 HP will be disqualified and the final survivor would be the winner of the match.

Lone Wolf Strike Out mode also indicates that developers might hold 1v1 tournaments in the future.

Pet Ludo

Free Fire OB32 is adding a new Ludo minigame involving pets. Overall, this could be a possible collaboration with Ludo Master or some other Ludo games in India. By completing this minigame, players will be able to collect tokens that can be used to redeem valuable rewards.

This mode would definitely be fun for casual players. However, Pet Ludo would only be available as a limited time event. Therefore, if players want to get the rewards, it is best to play as soon as it comes out.

Pet Ludo
Pet Ludo is going to be a very interesting minigame.

Skyler Nerf

Skyler has been one of the most popular characters in Free Fire's meta as of late after Chrono got nerfed to oblivion. His ability, Riptide Rhythm, allows players to break enemies Gloo Walls effortlessly while gaining HP with their walls. In OB32, Garena is going to tone down the skill to make it more balance.

3. New Turtle pet 'Flash' in Free Fire OB32 Advance Server

A new turtle pet called Flash is going to be added to OB32. Its skill is a passive called Steel Shell that reduces damage players take from behind. However, unlike the usual skills that don't have any restrictions, Steel Shell has a cooldown of 90s and a limit of 150 damage at max level.

Ob32 Flash Pet Ability
New Turtle pet 'Flash'

Overall, this pet won't be much useful in the match, as you are probably dead if the enemy managed to catch you from behind. Just stick with Mr. Waggor or Rockie.

4. Miscellaneous features

Supply Missions

This is a new type of missions player can pick up on the map. In OB32, blue holographic symbols would spawn across the map. Players need to walk into them to activate.

Free Fire Ob32 Supply
Supply Missions in Free Fire OB32 Advance Server

Upon activation, a hidden orange box will appear on the map. Players can head toward the location to secure valuable loot like Medkit, Inhaler, Vests... and more.

Airdrop in Clash Squad

While this feature is confirmed by the developers, it is not going to be added in the next update.

New Custom Room winning options

In Free Fire OB32 Advance Server, custom rooms are going to get 3 alternate winning options: Total annihilation, points collection and time attack.

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