Free Fire always makes sure they add new content to the game in every update to give players a fresh playing experience. The next OB32 update in Free Fire will be coming next month and data miners have already started leaking out details of this update. One of the leaks shows that there will be an M1887-X with 3 bullets in the next update.

Free Fire OB32 leaks M1887-X Shotgun

The new M1887-X shotgun will have 3 bullets instead of 2 like the normal M1887 shotgun. Needless to say, this is crazy good for a gun like M1887. The M1887 gun has been the king of shotguns in Free Fire for a very long time. While only having 2 bullets, it has insane damage that can burst a player within seconds.

Free Fire M1887x
There will be an M1887-X variant with 3 bullets in the upcoming Free Fire update.

There is a reason why there has been no M1887 skin so far that increases the magazine of the weapon because it would be too OP. Yet the M1887-X will be having it in the next update.

The M1887-X is expected to be one of the best weapons in the next update, on par with the Charged Buster, another new shotgun. The Charged Buster let players charge their shot for more range, damage, and smaller bullet spread.

The M1887-X clearly has the edge over the Charged Buster since charging is not a very good ability unless you are ambushing the enemy. In a face to face combat, it is much hard to move while charging and you will be in big trouble if you miss your charged shot.

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