Pets are an important part of Free Fire. Each pet in the game offers a different skill that gives players different advantages when you bring them into the battle. In the upcoming OB32 update in Free Fire, they are going to introduce a new pet turtle pet named Flash. Let's check out what can he do in this article.

Free Fire OB32 new Flash pet

The new Flash pet is a green turtle wearing a headphone and a Jersey shirt with the number 42 on it. His ability is called Steel Shell. It can reduce damage taken (from FF Knife and bullets) from behind. Here are the details of his ability:

  • Steel Shell Level 1: Reduces damage  (from FF knife and bullets) taken from behind by 10%, up to 100 points. Cooldown 150s
  • Steel Shell Level 2: Reduces damage  (from FF knife and bullets) taken from behind by 15%, up to 120 points. Cooldown 120s
  • Steel Shell Level 3: Reduces damage  (from FF knife and bullets) taken from behind by 25%, up to 150 points. Cooldown 90s
Ob32 Flash Pet Ability
Free Fire OB32 update will introduce a new Flash pet that can protect you from the back.

This is the only pet in Free Fire that has such a long cooldown at 90 seconds on Level 3. Note that this is a passive skill so it will probably go to cool down once you get shot in the back. At level 3 it can block up to 150 damage from the back. This is quite a decent pet for players who find themselves getting shot in the back often.

It is not sure how can we get this pet yet. Usually, players will be able to get this pet through a top up event, and then it will be available in the in-game store.

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