Garena has kicked off 2022 in the best way possible by releasing a brand new map called Alpine. It is the first winter map in Free Fire, which contains snowy mountain landscapes clad in snow. Many players are trying out Alpine right now, and knowing the right landing location would definitely give you an edge. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 hot drop locations on Free Fire New Alpine map.

1. Snowfall

This snowclad area contains a lot of Japanese-style houses, which look extremely stylish and well designed. It is intended to be one of the focal points on Alpine, as each house contains a lot of loot. The formation of the buildings also provides ample covers that allow players to ambush enemy teams.

Snowfall on Free Fire New Alpine map

On top of all that, Snowfall also has a zipline that allows moving in and out of the zone at a moment's notice. There are also two vending machines in the area that allow players to revive teammates or get better weapons.

2. Militia

The Militia is the military base on Alpine, with loot scattered in both the open and indoors. This place has a good quantity of loot that can support the whole team. However, it doesn't have much cover and a sniper on the high ground can cover everything. If players land here after the enemy team, it is best to move to other locations and avoid fights.

Militia on Free Fire New Alpine map

Militia has two zip lines for escaping and one vending machine. Because of that, camping in this location is pretty ideal if you want to go slow and survive until the endgame.

3. Dock

The dock is based on the usual Free Fire shipping dock, with a lot of loot and cover areas. The containers are the most popular spot, as the best loot is mostly distributed there. Overall, when looting the dock, be careful of the blind spots where opponents can ambush.

Dock on Free Fire New Alpine map

Besides the containers, players can also check out the two warehouses and the ship. These areas have a great cover and decent loot for the whole squad. While there is not much high ground advantage, players can occupy various sniping spots.

4. Stadium

The stadium consists of multiple houses with lots of loot inside. Players can get to the roof of every house to look around and engage in fights. Just be careful, as there is a high chance that you would have to deal with multiple enemies in this situation. As there are multiple houses, wiping a squad is not easy - players can try rotating out early instead of camping and waiting.

Stadium on Free Fire New Alpine map

Getting out of the stadium is actually pretty hard, as there are no zip lines in the area. Players need to use one of the two bridges, which is very risky.

5. Railroad

Players can loot the 2 big stations in the railroad, however, loot is also scattered all over the open area. As there are not many covers here, taking a sniping position is the most ideal. There are 2 sniping areas on which players can cover the entire area in order to get kills.

Railroad on Free Fire New Alpine map

Rotating away from the railroad is also pretty easy. While the location doesn't have any zip lines, there are a couple of vehicle spawns that the whole team could use. Vending machines also spawn here as well, just in case you need to resurrect your teammates or get a new weapon.

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