Getting to Heroic, the highest tier of skill in Free Fire, requires more than just good aim. You need to have a good sense of strategy on top of that, alongside the ability to use everything at your disposal. Therefore, learning how to use Gloo Wall effectively is a must. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 tips and tricks to use Gloo Wall like Heroic Tier.

1. Fast Gloo Wall deployment

This is the most important technique a player needs to learn in Free Fire. The ability to deploy Gloo Wall immediately after encountering enemy fire would save your life in a lot of circumstances, especially when rotating from one zone to another.

Blocking choke points with Gloo Walls

To increase wall deploying speed, players can tinker with their HUD to move the Gloo button to a more convenient location that can be accessed at any time. Furthermore, players can also hold the wall deployment button when moving so that walls can be deployed at a moment's notice.

2. Use Gloo Walls as obstacles

It might actually be a good idea to use Gloo Wall offensively by placing them as obstacles. For example, if the enemy team is in two separate buildings, you can deploy a Gloo Wall to block the door and prevent them from helping each other.

Gloo Walls are also a great tool to stop vehicles on their tracks. If you see a car speeding toward your location, throwing out a Gloo Wall is the easiest way to escape.

3. Use 360 degree Gloo Wall trick

The endgame is the hardest part of a Free Fire game. At that point, the circle is tiny and there is hardly any cover you can use. Because of that, Gloo Walls play a massive role, and knowing how to use them would definitely tip the scale in your favor.

360 degree Gloo Wall trick
The 360 degree Gloo Wall trick can be highly effective

Tap the Gloo Wall button and look around to deploy a 360 degree Wall. This way, enemies won't be able to harm you immediately, even if you are surrounded. This technique needs a lot of practice to pull of but is also very rewarding.

4. Bring the Mr. Waggor pet

There is a reason that Mr. Waggor is the most used pet in Free Fire. Its ability to give players a free Gloo Wall every few minutes is very valuable - it allows them to use Gloo Wall whenever needed and not have to worry about stock too much.

You can even give the extra wall grenade to your teammate so that the pet would spawn more.

5. Gloo wall stairs

It is possible to use Gloo Walls as stairs to climb on top of various structures. These hidden spots are excellent for sniping and can let you get a lot of kills and advantages. However, you might need to explore the map a little bit to find those spots.

Gloo Walls
Create stair to climb to otherwise unreachable locations

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