Headshot is the fastest way to take down an enemy in Free Fire. Because of that, one of the highest valued skills in the game is the ability to do one tap headshot. A successful headshot usually allows players to knock down enemies super fast, regardless of the weapons used. In this article, we are going to showcase a step-by-step guide to perform one tap headshot in Free Fire OB31.

1. Set the right sensitivity

While often underestimated, the Sensitivity settings of your device are actually one of the more crucial factors in scoring headshots in Free Fire. To get the best sensitivity for one tap headshot, just increase the general sensitivity to 70. on the other hand, Red dot sight, 2x Scope, and 4x Scope sensitivity should be at 100. AWM Scope sensitivity at 50 is probably the best option.

Set the right sensitivity
Setting the right sensitivity can increase your accuracy greatly.

2. Set a custom HUD

Unless you are willing to learn a new layout, it is not recommended to change the initial layout of the Free Fire HUD, as that would muddle up the control settings and confuse the player. However, it might be a good idea to practice three or four-finger claw settings to play the game.

Word Image 6383
It is important to set a custom HUD that you are comfortable with using.

The general rule is that the Fire button and the Joystick button should always be in an easy to access position. That way, players would have an easier time dragging down and tapping on them.

3. Pre-aiming

Pre-aiming is one of the most vital factors in Free Fire that influences the one-tap headshot kill percentage. While free roaming inside the game, it is vital that players pre aim at the supposed location of enemies' heads, just in case they walk out of a corner or pop their head out of a window.

Pre-aiming and prediction allow you to be ahead of your foes.

This trick often works in most FPS games, and Free Fire is not an exception to this rule. Pre-aiming would save you the time you need to drag the crosshair toward enemies' heads.

4. Drag and Shoot

Drag shoot is a technique that many pro-players in Free Fire uses. When shooting, you can drag the joystick button down and the fire button upward at the same time. Usually, it would bring down the aim just enough to hit enemies' heads and knock them out in one shot. It is best to do this while crouching, as it improves weapon stability and makes your shots more accurate.

Drag shoot
Drag shot is an easy trick to do but is actually pretty hard to master.

Furthermore, you can sit for a moment and then stand again while keep dragging the moving button. It is a very good tip for a headshot as it will increase your shot accuracy.

5. Practice

Scoring one tap headshot relies on muscle memory. It is important that you practice and grind as much as possible to improve your reflex and get accustomed to all the settings and tactics required.

Practice makes perfect
Practice makes perfect

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