Xayne is a useful character in Garena Free Fire 2021. There are some reasons why you should get and use this character in the battle royale and clash squad modes. Here are reasons to get and use the Free Fire character Xayne.

I. Why To Use Xayne?

Xayne is a new character in 2021. This female character has a cool appearance and a special ability of Xtreme Encounter. You should use this character or equip her ability for your character since her special skill is very useful.

Xayne is a powerful and useful character to counter Chrono.

#1. Break The Gloo Wall

Xayne has a special ability to break the Gloo Wall. This useful tool is a hardcover for players during the match. Therefore, you have to break it to eliminate the opponent quickly and safely without having to rush them. With the Xtreme Encounter ability of Xayne, you can break this shield more easily.

It makes the opponents more vulnerable to your attacks and easier to be defeated. But you should upgrade her to the maximum level to destroy 100% of the shield. Using Xayne's ability is one of the best tips and tricks to counter Chrono - an OP character with a shield-creating ability.

Break Chronos Shield
Break Chrono's shield with Xayne's ability.

#2. Heal HP

Another reason to use Kayne is her healing effect. Her HP recovery ability can help your character heal up to 80 HP to survive better in both CS and BR modes. With this special boost, your character can face the opponents with safety. You can still stay alive even when taking much damage from the opponent thanks to her HP recovery ability.

There is nothing better than having an auto-recharged HP bar in a face-to-face gunfight when a hit point can make the result different. Many pro players win a panic situation and clear the whole enemy team with only one HP left. Therefore, you should have Xayne's ability in your character.

Xaynes Hp Recovery Ability
Xayne's HP recovery ability.

#3. Pair With Many Pets

Another special ability of Xayne is paying with many pets. This character is very flexible and versatile. So, she can pair and work well with more pets than other players, such as Mr. Waggor - an adorable penguin, or Rockie who helps reduce the cooldown time of her skill.

Garena Free Fire pets are very useful in this game. Their abilities give players special and effective buffs, such as speed, HP, enemy tracking ability, and more. You should use pets in this game, especially in the battle royale mode. They will help your game easier.

Free Fire Pets
Xayne can pair with many Free Fire pets.

II. How To Get Xayne?

Free Fire character Xayne is purchasable from the in-game shop. Players can purchase this female character with only 8,000 gold coins. She is one of the cheapest but most powerful characters that you must have in your character collection.

Sometimes, Garena Free Fire also gives away this character for free in Top-Up Events. Don't miss those chances to get Xayne for free. After having Xayne in your character inventory, you should purchase or earn character fragments for Xayne to upgrade her to the highest level. At the maximum level, Xayne is much more powerful and efficient.

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