Free Fire players need to pay diamonds and gold coins to buy characters from the in-game shop. Most OP characters with active abilities cost you a lot of diamonds, but some powerful characters are very cheap. Here are the cheapest but most over-powerful Free Fire characters in 2021.

#1. Xayne

Xayne is a powerful character with Xtreme Encounter ability. This character costs only 8,000 gold coins in the in-game shop. You should use this character for aggressive gameplay since her skill has both offensive and defensive effects.

  • She gets an additional 80 HP.
  • Xayne can also deal 40% additional damage to Gloo Walls and shields.

So, you can use her ability to counter Chrono. This is one of the cheapest but most over-powerful Free Fire characters you should obtain now.

Free Fire Xayne
Free Fire Xayne is a cheap but OP character with both healing and attacking abilities.

#2. A124

A124 is another cheat but OP character in Free Fire 2021. You can buy this character with only 6,000 gold coins. This robot character also has the healing ability like K and DJ Alok. You should combine her ability with Miguel's ability to make her more useful in the BR mode.

A124 is a robot with great skill for battles.

#3. Jota

Jota is more powerful after character changes in the update OB29. So, he is more widely used now. Moreover, this character is not very expensive. You only need to pay 8,000 gold coins to obtain her. Jota is also an excellent character for aggressive gameplay. He will get 10% HP back after each knock. You also get health points after hitting the target.

Jota is more powerful after update OB29.

#4. Jai

Free Fire players can still buy Jai's Microchip in the game shop after he was removed from the game. His ability helps increase the gun's magazine by 30% when he uses pistols, shotguns, SMGs, and ARs. This effect is very useful in the battle royale mode when you have more bullets per load to fire and deal more damage.

Use Jais Ability
Use Jai's ability for fragger role with magazine boost effect.

#5. Maro

Maro is a new character that costs only 8,000 gold coins. He has a passive ability of Falcon Fervor that helps increase the damage with a distance to the long-range target by 5% to 25%. You should use this character when engaging in long-range combat.

Free Fire Maro
Maro character costs only 8,000 gold coins.

#6. Dasha

The character Dasha also costs only 8,000 gold coins. Her passive ability is a must-equip skill for BR mode. The Partying On ability helps reduce the gun recoil and damage from falling for users. Then, you will take less damage when jumping off from the rooftop of high buildings or mountain cliffs.

Dasha Free Fire
You should use the 'Partying On' ability of Dasha to play better in the BR mode.

#7. D-Bee

D-Bee is also a cheap but powerful character in Free Fire 2021. You can obtain this character from the shop with only 8,000 gold coins. He is a useful character for SMG users. Your movement speed and accuracy are increased due to this skill. It's one of the best passive skills after the update OB29.

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