Free Fire is known for having a lot of events for players to join and get new skins. While there is currently a Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration going on, they still release a new winter-themed event called Winter Wish. Players who join this event will be able to get some really exciting exclusive rewards. Check out this new event now.

Winter Wish Event Free Fire
Winter Wish Event Free Fire has arrived with many great skins for players to grab.

Free Fire Winter Wish Event

Event duration: December 9 to December 15

The Free Fire Winter Wish event reintroduces the Black Turtle Neck skin, an old skin that was released a year ago. This is one of the most wanted skins in Free Fire and players have been demanding to bring it back.

Players need to use Diamonds in order to obtain rewards in the Free Fire Winter Wish event. This is a lucky spin event so your luck will determine if you can get the skin you desire. Each spin cost 20 Diamonds. You can also spin 11 times for 200 Diamonds.

Winter Wish Event Free Fire 1
You can spin the Winter Wish Event in Free Fire using Diamonds.

Other than the Black Turtle Neck skin, the event features a few other Grand Prizes that are also from last year's collection such as M1887 Winterlands 2020, The Glacier Devil Hunter bundle, and the Gloo Wall Winterlands 2020. The Unique prize pool of the event also has a lot of great-themed skins.

The items that you own will be removed from the pool so you don't get duplicates and have a better chance of getting other items.

The Winter Wish Event is only the beginning of the upcoming Ice Age event, which will be coming after the Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration.

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