Free Fire's OB31 patch is already out, and later this month, a new character called Nairi is going to make his debut. He is one of the most useful characters to date - his ability is a passive that can regenerate the HP of your Gloo Wall every second. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 characters to combo with Nairi.

Nairi character in Free Fire

1. Alok

After OB31 patch's release, Alok has finally come back on top as the best character in Free Fire. As Nairi's skill is a defensive support passive, it is best to use Alok's Speed aura to create a rush build. Alok's Drop the beat is one of the most versatile abilities in Free Fire - it can restore HP and increase the movement speed and regeneration of all allied units in the area.

You should be able to slowly regenerate HP while shielding yourself using boosted Gloo walls.

Alok Free Fire
Alok is the most popular character in the game.

2. Xayne

Xayne's ability is often underestimated due to its high cooldown. However, when used right, Xtreme Encounter can be a powerful tool to turn the tide of battle. It restores the user's HP by 80 instantly and increases damage dealt against Gloo Walls and shield, which is vital in the final fights of the game.

The damage bonus stacks with Nairi's bonus damage to Gloo Walls, which can allow you to clear enemy walls in seconds.

Xayne is a formidable character added in a recent update.

3. K

K's ability has just been buffed substantially in OB31. His skill now regenerates EP faster and has a much bigger max EP pool. You should be able to stay at max EP at all times in the fight without having to worry about running out.

This is a perfect skill to use in a defensive combo with Nairi's enhanced gloo walls. Players can just wait to slowly regenerate their HP back with K's ability.

Kshmr Free Fire
Free Fire's K was massively buffed in the recent OB31 patch.

4. Skyler

Another character who benefits from Chrono's nerf. Skyler's ability to damage Gloo Walls has always been useful, and in OB31, it is highly likely that people would pick it more. With multiple squad member equipped with Skyler's Riptide Rhythm, players should be able to destroy enemy Gloo Walls right as it deploys and attack them directly.

The healing bonus from Skyler's ability is just the cherry on top of that. Skyler's ability can also be used to counter enemy Nairi, as the damage lets you burst through walls faster.

People might use Skyler more now to counter Nairi's Gloo Walls.

5. Chrono

Chrono's rework in OB31 has changed his skill forever. Players can't shoot through his shield from the inside anymore, which makes it a useless ability offensively. However, if players just want to protect themselves from enemy fire, the shield can still do its job.

When combo with Nairi, players can just fire up Chrono's shield on top of the Gloo Wall so that their wall can regenerate back to full.

Chrono lost a lot of his power but is still a good character overall.

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