One of the best things to spend Diamonds on in Free Fire is the Elite Pass. The Elite Pass is an item in Free Fire that features a lot of themed skins, items, bundles as rewards that are worth much more than you pay for. All players have to do is complete daily, weekly missions, challenges given by the Elite Pass to get those items.

The Elite Pass resets every month to feature new themed rewards. In this article, we are going to show you everything you need to know about the upcoming January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 (Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44).

1. January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 release date and price

The upcoming Elite Pass in Free Fire will be the first Elite Pass in 2022. It will be released on January 1 and last until January 31. The Elite Pass will feature a colorful alien and space theme that looks like they are coming from the imagination of a kid.

Players can pre-order the Elite Pass from December 29 to get an extra exclusive skin.

January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022
The January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 has a colorful space theme.

Players have 2 options when buying the Elite Pass:

  • Elite Pass - 499 Diamonds - Unlock the Elite Pass, increase the daily Gold limit by 100, and exclusive badge on the kill feed.
  • Elite Bundle - 999 Diamonds - All the privileges of the Elite Pass, plus 50 badges, and the respective rewards.

It is recommended for most players to only purchase the 499 Diamonds option since it is more economical. The Elite Bundle doesn't provide much benefit other than 50 Badges right away, which only takes you a few days at most to earn.

2. January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 leaked rewards

Here, we will take a look at all the exclusive skins, rewards of the January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022.

Players will unlock all the rewards in the Elite Pass when they reach 225 Badges. After that, they will get an Exclusive Loot Box for every 25 Badges. Players can still get rewards and earn Badges even if they don't buy the Elite Pass. However, there are a lot fewer rewards in the Free Pass.

Free Fire Free Pass January 2022 Rewards

  • 5 Badges - Childhood Dream Avatar
  • 40 Badges - Mercury Ink Jacket skin
Mecury Ink Jacket
Childhood Dream Avatar and Mercury Ink Jacket
  • 100 Badges - Solar Bang T-Shirt
  • 200 Badges -  Mischief Galaxy Backpack
Elite Pass January Free Rewards
Solar Bang T-Shirt and Mischief Galaxy Backpack

Free Fire Elite Pass January 2022 Rewards

  • 0 Badge - Solar Zoomer car skin
  • 10 Badges - Kar98 Big Bang skin
  • 15 Badges - Star Splash Jacket skin
January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 1
January Elite Pass Rewards from 0 to 15 Badges.
  • 30 Badges - Extraterrestrial Mind banner
  • 50 Badges - Celestial Cosmopuff bundle
  • 80 Badges - MAG 7 Big Bang
January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 Rewads 2
January Elite Pass Rewards from 30 to 80Badges.
  • 100 Badges - Asteroid surfboard skin
  • 115 Badges - Extraterrestrial Soul banner
  • 125 Badges - Grenade Sponge Planet skin
January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 Rewads 3
January Elite Pass Rewards from 100 to 125 Badges.
  • 135 Badges - Extraterrestrial Mind avatar
  • 150 Badges - Rocketeer Loot Box
  • 180 Badges - Extraterrestrial Soul avatar
January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 Rewads 4
January Elite Pass Rewards from 135 to 180 Badges.
  • 200 Badges - Violet Orbit Backpack
  • 225 Badges - Galactic Spaceboogy bundle
January Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 Rewads 5
January Elite Pass Rewards from 200 to 225 Badges.

3. How to get free Elite Pass of January 2022

In order to purchase the Free Fire Elite Pass, players need to have at least 499 Diamonds in their account, which not all players can afford. So here in this section, we will show you some of the ways that you can use to get the upcoming Elite Pass.


At the start of a season, popular Free Fire YouTubers usually have Elite Pass giveaway events for their fan, subscribers so you should definitely keep your eyes up. The BOOYAH! app is also a place to find these giveaways.

Booyah App 100 Diamonds
Use Booyah App to get free Free Fire Diamonds, rewards, items.

Diamonds Top Up bonus

If you are lacking by a little bit to buy the Elite Pass then top-up sites such as Kharido, Codashop can really help you since they offer a 100% Diamond bonus the first time you top up on their website.

Codashop Free Fire Cover
Get bonus Diamonds when topping up at Codashop.

Money-earning apps

There are many apps nowadays that can help you get Diamonds in Free Fire for free and all you have to do is some simple tasks. These tasks range from completing surveys, watching ads, trying out games,...

The return for doing these tasks is not much, but you will eventually accumulate enough to buy an Elite Pass in Free Fire. Some of the trustworthy money-earning apps are Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks, Paytm First Games,...

Grabpoints Free Fire
Get free Google Play Credit using Grabpoints and many other money-making apps.

That's all we got so far about the upcoming January Elite Pass. As it's the very first Elite Pass of 2022, the reward list may expand further than what has been leaked. We will add more information when available. Don't forget to visit daily to update latest news on Free Fire and other games!

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