The return Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration brings players many new events along with a lot of exclusive themed skins. One of the latest events is the Reload Target Down event. Players who join this event will be able to get the Red Lobster Vector, Gold Vault Gloo Wall, and Bag O' Cash skin, and other rewards. Let's check out this event in this article.

Free Fire Reload Target Down Event
Free Fire new Reload Target Down Event

Free Fire Reload Target Down Event

Event duration: December 6 to December 12

The Free Fire Reload Target Down event is a lucky spin event with a total of 10 prizes in the pool. The pool contains 5 normal prizes. Whenever you spin, the prize you get will get removed from the pool and 1 Grand Prize will be added to the pool. There is a total of 5 Grand Prizes.

List of normal prizes:

  • Ottero pet
  • The Devil's Blessings surfboard skin
  • Hellfire M4A1 crate
  • Death's Loot skin
  • Diamond Royale Voucher

List of Grand prizes:

  • Gold Vault Gloo Wall
  • Red Lobster Vector
  • Bag O' Cash
  • Pet Skin: Ottero Heist
  • Greatest Heist Pan
Free Fire Reload Target Down Event 1
There is a total of 10 rewards in the Free Fire Reload Target Down Event.

You are guaranteed to get all the prizes after 10 spins. The first spin is free. Each spin after that will cost more Diamonds starting from 19 Diamonds and up to 99 Diamonds. Here are the costs of the spins in the event: 19, 39, 59, 79, 99.

Overall, this is a great event to spend Diamonds on since most of the prizes are valuable and the cost of the spins is not too expensive. You can get every single prize with a total of 691 Diamonds.

There are still a lot of Free Fire x Money Heist events to come. Stay tuned with Gurugamer and we will update you with the latest information.

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