Open fights and rushes in Free Fire are often dangerous and risky. So, you may die in these situations if you don't have enough skills and tricks. Here are the top four Free Fire pro tips and tricks for open fights and rushes that help you play better.

#1. Use Grenades

Grenades work as a useful teammate for players in Free Fire. There are many grenades with different uses to help you stay safe and rush enemies in open fights.

For example, you can use some smoke grenades to block the vision of enemies and cause distractions for them. Besides, pro players often toss some frag grenades to cause significant damage to the target before rushing him. But you need to know the location of enemies.

Cook Grenades Before Throwing
Use grenades for assistance.

#2. Master Franking

Another pro tip and trick for open fights and rushes in Free Fire is franking. Pro players know how to frank their teammates and enemies well.

When your team rushes the enemy team but you are not the carry, frank your teammates and make sure that you can support and revive them when they are outplayed. You can also frank enemies to catch some lonely targets.

#3. Use Character Abilities

Some character abilities in Free Fire are useful for open fights, such as Chrono's and Skyler's abilities. You should equip their skills for your character to assist him in open fights and rushes. It's one of the best tricks for open fights in this game.

For example, Skyler's skill helps you break the opponent's Gloo Wall quickly to shoot him down. When enemies set the Gloo Wall to cover and reload bullets or heal HP, break it and finish him before he is ready for combat. Use Chrono's shield to make a quick cover if you fail to take the enemy down in a load of bullets.

Chrono Free Fire
Use Chrono's ability to defend.

#4. Use SMGs And Shotguns

The best weapons for open fights in Free Fire are shotguns and SMGs. Shotguns are very powerful in close combat as long as you shoot accurately and drag the aim quickly.

Free Fire SMGs are also nice choices in this situation since they have high rates of fire and accuracy. These weapons can guarantee fast kills in open rushes. Keep in mind that mobility and bullet speed also affect combat results.

Use Smg For Open Rushes
Use SMGs for open rushes.

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