Chrono is one of the strongest characters in Free Fire with his OP ability. However, he has got a big nerf in the latest update. That's why you can defeat this character more easily with these tips and tricks.

#1. Approach Chrono With A Shotgun

Chrono cannot shoot from inside of the shield anymore. So, you can approach him and stay close to this character safely while he still stays in his shield. But if he is out of the shield, Chrono is more dangerous.

That's why you should use a powerful shotgun to approach him and react quickly if he shoots you. Make sure that you drag the aim quickly and fire accurately. If it goes wrong, you will be eliminated.

Approach Him With A Shotgun
Approach him with a shotgun.

#2. Force Chrono To Use His Ability Beforehand

Every character ability in Free Fire has CD time. Chrono's ability has a long CD of 120 seconds. So, you should feint an attack to bait and force him to activate his shield before real combat. Then, he has to use Gloo Wall.

When Chrono cannot use his skill due to CD, he is more vulnerable. It's time for you to rush and take him down with some frag grenades or Xayne's ability to break the Gloo Wall shields. You can also force him to activate the shield by shooting some bait bullets.

Bait His Shield Before Real Combat
Bait his shield before real combat.

#3. Cook Grenades Before Throwing

When the shield of Chrono goes down, you can kill him with an explosion. But timing is important in this situation. In specific, the shield of Chrono can protect him from damage from your bullets and explosion. Therefore, you need to count the time to make sure that the frag grenade explodes at the time the shield goes down.

It's the best way to deal with this OP character with the solid shield. If you do not throw the grenade at the right moment, it does not cause any damage to Chrono. Master grenade tricks to use it effectively.

Cook Grenades Before Throwing
Cook grenades before throwing.

#4. Use Xayne To Break Chrono's Shield

The most OP ability of Chrono is creating the shield. But you can use the ability of the character Xayne to cause damage to that shield with the Xtreme Encounter ability. Her ability increases damage to the shield by 100% at the max level.

You can use this tip with the previous tip to take down Chrono faster. Firstly, break the shield of Chrono with Xayne's skills. Then, throw a frag grenade to kill him when his shield is broken. You can co-operate with your teammate to do this trick.

Xayne Vs Chrono
Use Xayne to counter Chrono.

#5. Get To A Good Position And Wait To Fire

When the shield is activated, you cannot shoot and cause damage to Chrono. So, don't waste your bullets. Instead, you should find a good place to hide and prepare to shoot when the shield of Chrono disappears.

You can also throw grenades from that position. But make sure that the cover is safe and secret enough. Or else, the Chrono user can rush to kill you. Combine all these tips and tricks to have the best result.

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