Grandmaster is a very high tier in Free Fire that most players cannot reach. There are many reasons why those players fail to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire. Check out these reasons and try to remove these difficulties to push this rank here.

#1. Big Skill Gap

When you reach higher tiers and ranks in Free Fire, you will meet more real players with great skills. Then, you will notice higher skill gaps between you and those pro players.

Players with low skills will be killed repeatedly until they level up their skills or give up pushing rank. It's a common reason why a lot of players fail to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire. So, you should improve your skill before pushing rank.

You Will Meet More Real Players In High Tiers
You will meet more real players in high tiers.

#2. Lack Of Effort

Another reason why Free Fire players cannot reach the Grandmaster tier is a lack of effort. To reach high tiers in this BR game, you need to invest time and effort.

A lot of players tend to stop pushing rank after they reach the Heroic tier. When you reach the high tier like Heroic, you will rank up more slowly because you get lower rank points for Booyah. Moreover, it's harder to get Booyah when you meet more pro players in high tiers.

Lack Of Motivation
Lack of motivation to push rank.

#3. Lack Of Permanent Teammates

An important rule to rank up fast in Free Fire is playing with permanent teammates. If you don't have a permanent team to play with them, it's hard to push rank. Many players choose to play solo, but they will lose the game once they get a headshot without being revived like in the duo and squad modes.

If you get minus rank points repeatedly when playing solo or playing with random teammates, your rank will drop. Moreover, many players often get annoyed and give up when getting minus points too often. But it's hard for many players to find a good permanent team.

Do Not Have A Permanent Team
Do not have a permanent team.

#4. Limited Gaming Time

Limited gaming time and lack of practice also prevent you from pushing rank and reaching Grandmaster in Free Fire. A lot of players cannot spend much time playing and earning rank points to reach high tiers.

Many skilled players cannot reach Grandmaster because of this reason. The more time you spend on the time, the more rank points you can get to stack and push rank.

Spend Less Time Playing Game
Spend less time playing and pushing rank.

#5. Lack Of Money For Diamonds

Diamond is an important currency in Free Fire. Rich players will have more diamonds to buy rare skins for guns to increase the range of fight, firing rate, damage, accuracy, or magazine. Besides, they can pay diamonds to buy the best characters and most useful pets in Free Fire to play better.

Having good weapon skins and character abilities is also a big advantage in this shooting game. So, players with a lack of skills and money often fail to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire.

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