Free Fire pets are very useful on the battlegrounds. Each pet has a unique appearance and ability and these pets are useful companions. There are more than ten pets in this game, and here are the most useful pets in Free Fire to bring to the battleground in November.

#1. Sensei Tig

Sensei Tig is a tiger with the Nimble Ninja ability. It is the Tiger Ninja in the famous cartoon series Kungfu Panda. After being introduced, Sensei Tig became one of the most used pets in Free Fire. Her special ability helps you reduce the man-marking skill duration of the enemy by 30% to 50.

This Free Fire pet costs 699 diamonds in the pet shop. You should buy as much pet food as possible to upgrade Sensei Tig to the maximum level. If you are a fan of this ninja or Kungfu Panda, try to get her now.

Sensei Tig
Sensei Tig in Free Fire.

#2. Ottero

The second best pet to bring to the Free Fire battleground is Ottero. This adorable pet has a special ability of Double Blubber that lets you recover an extra amount of EP when you use medkits or a treatment pistol. It's very useful in the battle royale mode. The EP recovered ranges from 35% to 65%.

Like Sensei Tig, Ottero also costs 699 diamonds. This pet will help you survive better in the last zone and get Booyah.

Ottero is a useful pet for survival in Garena Free Fire.

#3. Detective Panda

Detective Panda is one of the top 5 pets in Free Fire in November 2021. His Blessing skill is one of the best abilities for survival in this shooting game. When you bring this pet to the battleground, he helps you restore 4 to 10 HP per kill. Therefore, this pet is useful for both passive and active players.

You should upgrade Detective Panda to the maximum level to restore as many health points as possible. You also need to pay 699 diamonds to buy this best pet for the rank mode.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda cost 699 diamonds.

#4. Spirit Fox

Another ideal pet to use in Free Fire this month is Spirit Fox. This pet is also very useful in the classic rank mode with her Well Fed skill. It also helps you restore 4 - 10 HP when using a medkit. It's pretty similar to the special skill of Detective Panda, but it's more useful for those who play passively.

It's still useful for last zone survival in Free Fire. Besides, it helps you survive when taking damage from the electric zone. In addition, Spirit Fox is very beautiful with various stunning skins.

Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox has a lot of stunning skins.

#5. Dreki

Dreki is the last name in the top 5 most useful pets in Free Fire in November 2021. It's an adorable small dragon who has a couple of wings. It has the special ability of Dragon Glare that is useful for fraggers in the battleground.

When the target takes damage and evades, Dreki helps you track his location when he uses medkits to heal. But this skill is only active when the target is within 10-30 meters. After locating the target, take him down while he is busy with healing HP.

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