Free Fire's Diwali 2021 celebrations are currently ongoing, with the peak day of the festivities being tomorrow November 4. Players are going to be able to participate in various events to get a wide range of free items, mainly cosmetics. Besides those events, Garena also released various deals, with big discounts on items. Amongst them, the Free Fire Diwali Pass is probably the best. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the new pass.

1. How to use the Free Fire Diwali Pass?

This is probably the cheapest paid pass you can ever get in Free Fire. To activate the Diwali pass, players only need to spend 99 diamonds in total. Afterward, they have until November 8 to complete all the tasks in the pass to get the items.

The main rewards of Free Fire Diwali Pass are the exclusive Spikey Spine Gloo wall, the Royal Warrior AC80, and the Bolly Party sports car.

Free Fire Diwali Pass
Free Fire Diwali Pass has three sections instead of just one.

The pass is divided into three sections: Login, Missions and Matches, each with an exclusive item as a reward.

2. Free Fire Diwali Pass login event

In the login section, players need to sign in daily to be able to grind for the pass. For each time they log in, a trial card for a particular item is given.

Additionally, once they have gained all the rewards, they will be able to claim the exclusive Spikey Spine Gloo Wall. However, if the player misses one day, they will have to spend diamonds to unlock the needed item.

Players can try out all the AN94 skins on this pass.

Below is the list of items available from the Diwali pass daily login:

  • Day-1 Sign in: AN94 – Tornado Bolt (1d)
  • Day-2 Sign in: Diwali Dino (1d)
  • Day-3 Sign in: AN94 – Tsunami Bolt (1d)
  • Day-4 Sign in: Cricket Master (1d)
  • Day-5 Sign in: AN94 – Twilight Bolt (1d)
  • Day-6 Sign in: Bhangra emote (1d)
  • Day-7 Sign in: AN94 – Wildfire Bolt (1d)
  • Bonus reward: Gloo Wall – Spikey Spine

Overall, with this event, players get to try all the skins of the AN94 Supercharger Incubator, one of the newest skin sets in Free Fire.

Free Fire An94 Supercharger
Free Fire AN94 Supercharger is a good improvement for the weapon.

3. Free Fire Diwali Pass daily missions

In this section, players can complete a total of 3 missions per day to earn tokens. If they miss or cannot complete the missions, there is an additional option to spend gold to refresh them. With enough tokens, players can redeem various rewards from the shop, including the AC80 Royal Warrior skin.

Diwali missions
Diwali missions can yield tokens to exchange for the skins.

Below is the list of items available from the Diwali pass shop:

  • AC80 - Royal Warrior: 20 tokens
  • Bounty play card (7d): 8 tokens
  • Cube fragment: 5 tokens
  • 1x Weapon Royale Voucher: 5 tokens
  • 1x Incubator Voucher: 2 tokens
  • Universal fragment (100): 2 tokens

The AC80 Royal Warrior is a mid-tier legendary skin, with bonuses on range and magazine. It is not super strong overall, but definitely worth it for the price of 30 diamonds.

4. Free Fire Diwali Pass exclusive spin

In the 3rd section, players will be able to spin the wheel for various rewards. Players gain a chance for a spin after every match, with the maximum being 5 chances per day. The Bolly Party skin is guaranteed to drop after 20 spins, which means players can get it in just 4 days if they play 5 games daily.

Diwali spin
Diwali spin yields diamond tickets and car skin.

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