Free Fire is a free-to-play game, with Garena making money from the game's cosmetic items. They sell almost everything a player can own in the game, from skins to backpacks and loot boxes. Amongst them, parachute skins are actually pretty popular They are the first thing that gamers see jumping down onto the ground. In this article, we are going to showcase the currently best parachute skins in Free Fire Max.

1. Wings of the Devil Parachute

One of the most striking parachute skin you can find in Free Fire Max. It is blood red in color, with the main feature of the parachute being a bat-like creature with large wings. Based on the description, this creature is supposed to be the gatekeeper of the underworld.

Wings of the Devil
Wings of the Devil Parachute in Free Fire Max

Overall, with most of the maps in Free Fire Max being green, the blood red Wings of the Devil definitely stands out to other players and will attract their attention. The black bat creature is thematically great if you are wearing a dark costume. Players can buy Wings of the Devil Parachute for 199 diamonds in the store.

2. Wasteland Frontier Parachute

The Wasteland Frontier is one of the older parachute skins in the game... however, it is still one of the best. Skulls are universally known as a symbol of danger, and the Wasteland Frontier is decorated with a big skull in the middle.

Its yellow and black theme also stands out in the green islands of Free Fire Max. Players can buy the Wasteland Frontier parachute in the Free Fire store for 199 diamonds.

Wasteland Frontier Parachute
Wasteland Frontier Parachute in Free Fire Max

3. Maniacs Parachute

Also one of the earlier parachute skins in Free Fire Max, the Maniacs Parachute has a colorful clown theme, with splashes of vibrant colors like red, neon pink and purple. On the upper side of the parachute, players can see a colorful image of two maniac jesters. Based on the tagline, these jesters are supposed to be maniacs and hysterical.

Overall, the maniac parachute is definitely worth a try. While its art won't stand out too much, the color combination alone is enough to draw attention.

Maniacs Parachute
Maniacs Parachute in Free Fire Max

4. Superstar Parachute

The superstar parachute is best if you like your parachute to be simple, with abstract art decor. The details of the superstar parachute are very subdued in general. It has cool colors like black, white and blue covering the surface in an X pattern.

It is best to use in combination with some type of white and black set, which is fairly uncommon in Free Fire Max.

Superstar Parachute
Superstar Parachute in Free Fire Max

5. Green Flame Draco Parachute

The Flame Draco Parachute is amongst the most sought after parachute skins in Free Fire Max. Its main theme is neon green, a pretty rare shade for parachute skins. The middle of the parachute is decorated with a dragon, which is a part of the Green Draco skin bundle update.

While this skin is as green as the map, its neon shade still stands out enough for people to differentiate. You can purchase the Flame Draco parachute in Free Fire Max for 199 diamonds.

Green Flame Draco Parachute
Green Flame Draco Parachute in Free Fire Max

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