When you get into the last zone, you are close to Booyah and a lot of rewards. But it's hard to survive in the last circle because most players in this circle are very skilled and experienced. Check out these must-know last zone survival tips in Free Fire to get the highest position.

#1. Avoid Gun Fights

To survive in the last circle, you should play safely and carefully. Avoid gunfights and try to hide your position until there are only two alive players on the battleground.

If the last zone shrinks on the open ground, you have to use some smoke grenades to make the enemy confused. The smoke grenade is very useful in the last zone. You can use it to fake your movements, position, cover when you are healing or reloading ammo, or blind enemies when you know his position.

Play Safely
Play safely in the last circle.

#2. Stay Close To The Edge Of The Circle

Players in the last zones often gather in the center of the circle. Therefore, you often encounter more players and have to engage in more fights when staying in the central area. To survive longer and stay safe in the last zone, you had better stay near the edge of the white circle. Find a safe corner with enough cover to avoid too many fights.

If you can hide and camp, don't expose yourself. Only fire when needed because the gun sound in the last playing zone can attract all alive players. Then, you will become the target of all survivors in the last circle who are trying to get Booyah or at least rank in the top 10.

Stay Close To The White Circle
Stay close to the white circle to avoid combat.

#3. Use A Surfboard

The surfboard in Garena Free Fire can help you increase mobility which is very important in battle royale mode, especially in the last zone.

Using the surfboard is one of the best last zone survival tips in Free Fire because it helps you move faster and more nimbly. Enemies cannot lock the aim and shoot you down when you move quickly with this tool to dodge bullets and do a clutch in a 1v4 situation.

Use The Surfboard
Use the surfboard to move faster.

#4. Play Defensively And Carefully

In the last zone, you should play carefully and defensively. When you play too aggressively, you have more chances to be killed in consecutive fights. In a chain of combat, you don't have much time to heal HP and react to all opponents at the same time.

Moreover, you need time to reload ammo and get ready for the next fights. Get well-prepared and play carefully or you may miss Booyah regretfully. Always loot enough medkits to keep your HP bar full before fierce combat.

Get Ready Before The Last Zone
Get ready before the last zone.

#5. Keep Rotating To Avoid Headshot

If you stand still to camp, you may be aimed without smelling the risk of headshots. You should keep rotating in your position to make it hard for snipers to kill you with a headshot. In addition, keep changing your position after every fight. Holding a position after combat makes you become an easy target for all players in the last zone. It's one of the top must-know last zone survival tips in Garena Free Fire you should keep in mind.

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