Choosing the best landing spot is one of the best tips to push rank in Free Fire MAX. The best drop location should be rich in loots and less crowded. Here are the best landing spots in Free Fire Max where you should choose to start your game.

Best Landing Places On Bermuda

Remastered Bermuda is the most favorite map in the classic battle royale mode of Free Fire MAX. It's also one of the oldest maps that most of the veterans in Free Fire have been familiar with.

You can find many great locations to have a smooth start and push rank in Free Fire MAX on this map.

  • Cape Town

Cape Town is the best place to drop on Bermuda in Free Fire MAX. It's located in the extreme east of the map for all players, especially rookies. Cape Town has enough decent loots for your squad to gear up at the beginning of the match. Moreover, it lies among the least explored locations. Then, you don't need to engage in early combat while looting supplies.

Cape Town Bermuda
Cape Town on Bermuda is a safe place near the edge of the map.
  • Mars Electric

Mars Electric is another ideal place to start your game on this legendary map. It appears in both the old Bermuda and Remastered Bermuda maps. You can find this location on the south of both these maps. This spot often attracts fewer players due to the distancing location. But you can loot a lot of decent supplies in Mars Electric Plant. Therefore, you should head to this spot if the flight's trajectory crosses here.

Mars Electric Plant
You can also have a safe start in the Mars Electric plant.

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Best Drop Spots On Purgatory

Purgatory is another legendary map in Garena Free Fire. The Quarry in the southwestern region is the safest place to land on Purgatory in Free Fire Max. It's near the edge of this beautiful island, so you have less chance to combat in the early stage of the match.

However, it does not have many decent loots in Quarry. Therefore, you need to move quickly to explore other locations and loot more decent supplies. There are many other ideal drop spots on Purgatory.

Quarry In Purgatory
The Quarry is in the southwestern region of the map.

Best Drop Spots On Kalahari

Kalahari has two best landing spots for beginners in the ranking game mode, including Santa Catarina and Confinement. A lot of players also like to play the rank mode on this desert map. Here are reasons why you should land on these two locations on Kalahari.

  • Confinement

Confinement is a safe place for Free Fire rookies in the north-eastern part of this map. It often attracts few players because it often lies outside the playing zone. Therefore, you should loot quickly and move before the electric zone shrinks and cause damage to your character. If you play in the squad mode, you can find a vehicle to move faster.

Confinement is a safe place for Free Fire rookies.
  • Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is not only safe but also rich enough for beginners to gear up at the beginning of the match. Then, move to other places to loot more supplies and engage in combat when you are ready. It's also a safe place to maintain a high K/D ratio in this game.

Those are the top 5 best landing spots for beginners to push rank in Free Fire MAX. Always get ready before the match to survive longer and rank up.

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