Garena Free Fire has re-introduced the interesting game mode, Lone Wolf. It helps you improve 1v1 combat skills, such as aiming, shooting, responding, and planning next moves to win in classic mode in Remastered Bermuda. Here are the top new tips to win in Free Fire Remastered Bermuda and Lone Wolf mode.

#1. Rushing Cemented House Trick

There are some cemented houses in the Remastered Bermuda map that are often favorite places to camp. It's often hard to rush these houses. But you can win in a rushing cemented house situation with a pro trick.

Use the Gloo Wall to block the door to the balcony on the second floor where enemies often camp. It makes the camper think you will rush through that door. Then, climb out the second-floor window and walk slowly on the wall edge to the balcony to surprise the camper and kill him.

Kill House Camper Here
Kill the house camper here.

#2. Hiding Underwater In Sentosa

Sentosa is a coastal region with a long beach and a shallow water area where you can hide underwater. Run to the shallow water area where you can stand. You need to go as far as possible. Then, crouch to hide the whole body of your character underwater.

Keep in mind that you need to find a place where you can stand. If you go too far, your character will switch to swimming animation. Besides, you should dress up simply so that your outfit won't reveal your position.

Get Here And Crouch
Get here and crouch to hide underwater.

#3. Launchpad Trick In Shipyard

Launchpads in Garena Free Fire help you move faster by flying to a distancing or high place. You can find a launchpad in Shipyard - a famous location in Bermuda. Use the launchpad and head to the North. Adjust the flight line to the high metal tower in the North and launch your character to the top of the tower. Don't fly too high or your character will pass the top of the tower.

Having a high position to shoot down enemies is one of the best tips to win in Free Fire Lone Wolf mode. It's hard for enemies to shoot and kill you when you are in a high position. But you need a large scope and a sniper for long-range combat. Open the scope to get down without dying.

Launch Your Character To A High Tower
Launch your character to a high tower.

#4. Launchpad Underground

There is another launchpad at the Observatory tower, one of the best hidden places in Remastered Bermuda. If you set to launch on the launchpad here, then leave while disconnecting to the internet. Then, you will be sent underground. Then, reconnect to the internet and continue to enjoy the game. You can spot enemies but they cannot spot you.

Get Underground Here
Get underground here to hide and spot enemies.

#5. Lone Wolf Mode Trick

Win a round and then reconnect to the internet, the time will count to zero. Then, the match will end right away. This secret trick makes the match end faster when you are winning. Only use this trick when you are winning.

If you use this trick when you are losing the match, you will lose the chance to win.

Use those tips to win in Classic mode on the Remastered Bermuda map and in the new Lone Wolf mode.

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