Most Free Fire players want to maintain a high K/D ratio but they often fail due to some mistakes. It's important to fix those mistakes and have the best tactics to improve K/D ratio in Free Fire. Check out these must-know tips and tactics to maintain a high K/D ratio in this game.

#1. Play With Permanent Teammates

A lot of Free Fire players are still matching with random teammates to play in duo and solo modes when their friends are not online. However, it's a common mistake that makes your K/D ratio drop.

You need to play with permanent teammates in duo and squad mode if you want to push rank. If they are not online, just play in the solo mode or call them to the game. Don't play with random players because you cannot trust them.

Team Up With Permenant Friends
Team up with permanent friends.

#2. Use Strategies To Rush

You are more likely to fail when rushing without a clear strategy. So, you should always draw a clear plan when rushing. Besides, you need to discuss the plan with your teammates.

For example, when you are rushing house campers, divide your team into two groups. Two or three players will rush the camper while one team member needs to camp outside the house. If the house camper escapes from an unknown window, the teammate camping outside can kill that enemy or inform your team about his moving route. That teammate can be a sniper.

Have a clear plan to play.

#3. Avoid Hot-Drop Locations

Hot-drop locations are always full of skilled players who always land there to boost their K/D ratio. That's why if you are an inexperienced player in Garena Free Fire, you should avoid these hot-drop locations.

Instead of being a hunter, you can be killed by more experienced players in these crowded places. You can choose less crowded places to land and start the game carefully. Loot weapons, supplies, and get ready before the match.

Avoid Hot Drop Locations
Avoid hot-drop locations.

#4. Don't Play Too Aggressively

Many Free Fire players think that playing aggressively helps their K/D ratio increase. However, it's a bad idea when you play too aggressively.

When you are too greedy for kills, you often forget strategies and safe practices to survive. If you have bad luck, you may take damage instead of kills. Then, your K/D ratio will drop. You should play carefully in dangerous situations, especially in 1v4 situations.

Play Carefully
Play carefully in 1v4 situations.

#5. Don't Play Too Passively

If you play too passively and avoid all combat, you cannot kill any player. Then, your kill point and K/D ratio are still low. To maintain a high K/D ratio, you should play aggressively when you are confident and ready to win but carefully in dangerous situations.

#6. Don't Rush Well-Defended Enemies

When the opponents are well-defended in secret corners that are hard to rush, you shouldn't rush them. You are more likely to die than kill them. In these situations, you should flee away to find easier targets, but make sure that you don't reveal your back to that camper.

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