Landing spots are probably the most important decision a Free Fire player can make during the match. By picking a good landing spot, players would be able to survive the early phases and get a higher chance to secure a booyah. In this article, we are going to list out the top 6 underrated landing spots in Free Fire for passive playstyle.

1. Plantation (Bermuda)

Katulistiwa and Bimasakti strip are some of the hottest zones on the map. Because of that, enemies' attention would be drawn toward the big town and overlook the Plantation that lies right next to them.

Overall, the location offers decent loot. Players can camp there for foes then rotate on to greener pastures once fully geared up.

Plantation (Bermuda)
Plantation is one of the most underestimated landing spots in the original Bermuda.

2. Hangar (Bermuda Remastered)

The hangar is often overlooked in Bermuda Remastered 2021, with most players going for the clocktower instead. When landing here, it is important that players get as close to the big buildings as possible.

Landing on the field is not recommended, as there is not much cover. After fully geared, players can move toward Katulistiwa or Bimasakti strip.

There are a lot of hiding places in the hangar.

3. Moathouse (Purgatory)

Moathouse is one of the most iconic locations in Purgatory. It is on a small island in the middle of the northern lake on the map. Players can land here and take their time collecting gears. Due to the fact that the buidling is placed near the edge of the map, it rarely sees much action during most matches.

Just be careful when moving out, as enemies can ambush you en route.

The Moathouse is surrounded by water

4. Mt. Villa (Purgatory)

Crossroads is a newbie-friendly landing spot that offers decent loot with minimal competition. Players tend to avoid this spot, as it is rather far away from the center. If you choose to land here, try to loot as fast as possible then move out.

To rotate to other zones, it is best to make use of the various vehicles scattered all over the place.

Mt Villa
Mt Villa has the best drops amongst underrated landing spots in Free Fire.

5. Santa Catarina (Kalahari)

Santa Catarina is a great place for Free Fire players to land in Kalahari, as long as they are able to get the loot from the stranded ship first. It is inconveniently placed on the eastern edge of the map, which is often devoid of enemies.

Combine that with the multiple options for rotations, players can take time to secure loot here without worry.

Santa Catarina
The ship in Santa Catarina

6. The Sub (Kalahari)

This is one of the most unique locations Garena ever created in Free Fire. It features a submarine stranded on the mountain. Because of its size, the loot is concentrated on a small area that players can immediately clear.

Landing on the sub also provides a good advantage point for sniping as well - it is the tallest structure in the vicinity. This is why the sub is amongst the most underrated landing spots in Free Fire.

The Sub
The Sub in Kalahari

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