Garena has announced a series of Diwali events to celebrate the festival of light. Amongst them, the Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021 is probably the most exciting. In this show match, popular Free Fire Streamers from across India will come together to have fun and entertain their numerous fans. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021.

1 - Schedule and format of Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021

The Free Fire Diwali tournament 2021 will be held in two days on October 30 and 31. It will be streamed live on Free Fire India's official YouTube channel and Facebook page, from 6.00 PM IST.

Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021
Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021 will have a lot more female influencers.

Unlike the previous Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2020, this time, there is a twist. Each of the 11 participating teams in the FFDA 2021 will be led by female influencers. By putting female streamers head to head against each other, Garena probably hopes to bring out more Free Fire talents amongst women.

All the sides will fight in the best-of-four format battle royale squad matches on the first day. The top two teams will qualify for the second day.

female influencers
The participation of female influencers will definitely kick up Free Fire's popularity and bring in more views from gamers.

Apart from the 11 teams from female influencers, players also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite influencers in the community. The top 6 talents from the community voting rounds will join the two qualified teams and the top 4 teams from FFIC 2021 Fall grand finals to create the ultimate show match on October 31.

Format of Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021
The tournament will be held on October 30 and 31.

2 - Participants of Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021

Female influencers

Below is the list of 11 female influencers invited for Day 1 of Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021. These players have proven themselves in the Indian Free Fire community previously... and now they aim to enter the competitive scene as well.

  • Anshi Gaming
  • Haley FF
  • Unicorn IB
  • Sooneeta
  • Bright Fox
  • Bella Gaming
  • Gaming Girl
  • Katty’s Kingdom
  • EagleEYE Gaming
  • Renu Gaming
  • Sonam9Gamer

Pro Teams

Garena have invited the top 4 teams from the recent Free Fire India Championship to participate in Day 2 of the event. The invited pro teams for Day 2 Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021 are as follows:

  • PVS Gaming Esports (Pro Team)
  • Desi Gamers Esports (Pro Team)
  • Team Elite (Pro Team)
  • Total Gaming Esports (Pro Team)

Community Chosen Influencer Team

Additionally, 6 other influencer teams have been selected for the 2nd day via a community vote:

  • Lokesh Gamer
  • X Mania
  • Daddy Calling
  • Nonstop Gaming
  • Assassins Army
  • TSG Mann

These 10 squads will be joined by the top two female influencer teams from Day 1. Afterward, the 12 teams will compete in a best-of-4 match series to decide the ultimate winner of the Diwali All Stars 2021 event.

Amongst the teams, pro squads like PVS, Desi, Total Gaming, or Team Elite are likely to win the tournament. While the influencer teams are top players in the Free Fire community themselves, they pale in comparison when going up against actual pros who have competed in the national scene. Fan-favorite players like Lokesh or Two-Side gamers are still worth observing, of course.

3 - What has changed since last year?

Last year, the Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2020 was won by GZ Army. CRX Force secured second place, followed by Old Skool. A lot of fans have been questioning the quality of this tournament last year, as the games were not played seriously at all.

This will probably change this year. Despite Free Fire Diwali All-Stars 2021 being a friendly match, Garena has guaranteed fans a hot performance.

Free Fire Diwali
Last year's invites at Diwali All-Stars

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