In the current 'Charge The Portal To Come Home' event, Garena is letting you pick one of 4 legendary Free Fire gun skins for free. In this article, we are going to show you how to get the skin and which one of them is the best. Furthermore, players can also choose one out of 5 pets for free.

Free Fire has a huge roster of skins that players can purchase. Amongst them, gun skins are probably the most essential, as they provide both visual appeal and bonus stats. They are sorted based on rarity, with legendary being the best.

'Charge The Portal To Come Home'
Poster of 'Charge The Portal To Come Home' Event

1. Charge The Portal To Come Home event rewards

The new 'Charge The Portal To Come Home' event began on October 25 and will last for two weeks, until November 7. During the event, players need to complete a series of missions daily to earn Energy Points to 'Charge the Portal'.

All energy points gained would be shared across all members of the party. This means inviting friends or joining them on their quests would increase the number of points you can get during the day.

There are three milestones in this event, and as players reach them, they will be able to choose one of the items available as their reward. Below are the details of the rewards:

Portal Unlock at 50 Energy Points

Players get to choose between the following legendary gun skins:

  • M4A1 Flaming Skull
  • M60 Crimson Red
  • UMP Art of War
  • FAMAS Warrior Spirit
Complete missions
Complete missions to earn valuable prizes in the event.

Extra Charge at 90 Energy Points

Players can choose one of the following pets as their reward:

  • Ottero
  • Robo
  • Shiba
  • Rockie
  • Detective Panda

Super Charge at 130 Energy Points

Players will be able to choose another skin from the first tier. In short, if players manage to achieve all the milestones, they will be able to get two legendary gun skins and a pet as rewards.

2. Which is the best skin and pet to choose?

Best weapon skin

Below is the list of skins given away during this event, ranked from best to worst.

M4A1 Flaming Skull:

++ Damage, + Magazine, - Accuracy

The M4A1 Flaming Skull is probably the top choice, as it has good damage-oriented bonuses.

M4A1 Flaming Skull

UMP Art of War:

++ Fire Rate, + Damage, - Accuracy

The UMP Art of War is the second-best choice for this event. It has some of the best bonuses an SMG could ask for.

UMP Art of War

M60 Crimson Red:

++ Fire Rate, + Range, - Reload Speed

The M60 Crimson Red is the third-best skin, with an extra fire rate and range. The reload speed reduction can be an issue, however.

M60 Crimson Red

FAMAS Warrior Spirit:

++ Fire Rate, + Reload, - Accuracy

The FAMAS Warrior Spirit is the worst legendary on this list, as the FAMAS doesn't really need fire rate.

FAMAS Warrior Spirit

Which pet to choose?

Overall, Ottero and Rockie are the best choices among the five. However, if you already have them, just choose based on your preferences.


Rockie's ability "Stay Chill" reduce the cooldown of your active skill by 15%. If you are going to use characters with long cooldown like Chrono or Xayne, it would be perfect.

Rockie pet


Ottero is probably the best healing pet in Free Fire in OB30. His Double Blubber skill gives you extra EP based on the amount of health healed by Medkit. The EP gained is absurd and could increase your combat effectiveness significantly.

Ottero pet


This is a ball-shaped robot with rabbit ears that follow you around. It has a skill that increases the HP of your Gloo Walls, which is pretty situational.

Robo pet


The Shiba's "Mushroom Sense" lets you detect one Mushroom in your vicinity every 120 seconds. This bonus is also pretty situational, as you still have to pick the mushroom up by yourself.

Shiba pet

Detective Panda

Detective Panda restores your HP after a kill. While the bonus is rather small, more HP is always welcome.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda pet

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