The Diwali festival in Free Fire has officially started with a bunch of new events as well as free rewards for players to claim. In the latest Come Home To Free Fire event, players will be able to choose from 5 pets to claim for free, plus extra legendary gun skins. Let's learn about this new event in this article.

Come To Home Free Fire Compressed
Come Home To Free Fire is one in numerous Diwali events that Garena is releasing.

Come Home To Free Fire Event

Event duration: October 25 to November 7.

The event has multiple daily missions for players to complete and get Energy points to charge the portal. Here is the list of missions in the event:

  • Booyah in Battle Royale - 1 Energy point
  • Eliminate 1  enemy in Battle Royale - 1 Energy point
  • Win a Clash Squad match - 1 Energy point
  • Log in - 1 Energy point
  • Play any game with friends - 1 Energy point

If you can complete all the daily missions, you can claim a bonus reward each day.

Come Home To Free Fire
Complete daily missions in the event to get Energy points and unlock rewards in the event.

You can invite your friends or join other players to get more Energy points. The Energy points of your team will be combined to unlock the rewards faster.

Once you reach enough Energy points for each tier, you can unlock rewards for that tier. Every member of the team can choose 1 reward in each tier. Here are the details:

  • Portal Unlock - 50 Energy points - Choose 1 from 4 Legendary gun skins
  • Extra Charge - 90 Energy points - Choose 1 from 5 pets
  • Super Charge - 130 Energy points - Choose 1 from 4 Legendary gun skins

That's everything you need to know about the Come Home To Free Fire event. There will be a lot more Diwali Free Fire events to come in the upcoming days so stay tuned.

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