Free Fire players are certainly thrilled as the game is in a dynamic period with full of rewards and events. The developers certainly leave no stones unturned in regards to exclusive items. This is definitely more favored than having to spend pocket money to acquire diamonds and purchase goodies.

Recently, players are engaging in a new event called Gaming Dice. It features four new reward cosmetics: Tsunami Bolt Bundle, Wildfire Bolt Bundle, Twilight Bolt Bundle, and Tornado Bolt Bundle. In general, they are called the Superchargers Bundle in Free Fire and here’s how you can get them.

Superchargers Bundle in free fire
Wildfire Bolt Bundle is among the most desired items right now.

Gaming Dice event in Free Fire

The Gaming Dice event started on October 25 and will last until October 31, 2021. This Free Fire event is special as players have to roll the dice to gain tokens and rewards based on the tiles that they land on.

In this Gaming Dice event, one dice roll costs 20 diamonds, while five rolls will cost 90 diamonds if put in one pack.

Take a look at the items with their following tokens:

  • Wildfire Bolt Bundle (10 tokens): Tile 1
  • Sports Car - Cobra (5 tokens): Tile 2
  • Cube Fragments x1 (3 tokens): Tile 3
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (3 tokens): Tile 4
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (3 tokens): Tile 5
  • TRAP Famas Crate (2 tokens): Tile 6
  • Kpop Stardom Crate (2 tokens): Tile 7
  • Flaming Wolf Gun Crate (2 tokens): Tile 8
Gaming Dice Event
Roll the dice to get Superchargers Bundle in Free Fire event.

Redeem store

After gathering a specific number of tokens, players can use them to exchange for the grand reward of their choice from the in-game redemption store.

These respective items are up for grabs in the redemption sess:

  • Wildfire Bolt Bundle – 225 tokens
  • Tsunami Bolt Bundle – 175 tokens
  • Tornado Bolt Bundle – 175 tokens
  • Twilight Bolt Bundle – 125 tokens
  • Vampire Backpack – 50 tokens
  • Firecracker Surfboard – 30 tokens
  • Blood Coffin loot box – 30 tokens
  • Bolt parachute – 20 tokens
  • Magic Cube fragment – 15 tokens
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (Expiry on 30 November) – 10 tokens
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (Expiry on 30 November) – 10 tokens
  • Resupply Map – 2 tokens
Redeem Store
Players can spend their tokens to get these items.

On another hand, you are not guaranteed to receive all bundles and other rewards a specific number of attempts. As a result, while some players can get their hands on these event-exclusive bundles within only a few diamonds, others may need more than that to get what they want.

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