The hacking issue has always been the biggest problem that online shooters have to deal with, and Free Fire is not an exception. In the last two weeks, Garena has permanently banned more than a million Free Fire accounts for cheating. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about this recent ban wave.

1. About the recent ban wave

A total of 1,169,703 Free Fire accounts have been permanently banned for hacking. Amongst them, 55% were detected automatically by the system. The other 45 percent are from player reports. A detection ratio of 55% is actually pretty bad for an anti cheat system - it looks like Garena will have to work much more to improve.

Not all of the 1 million accounts are hackers - some are just collaborators with hackers. Free Fire has a policy that automatically bans any players in the party with the hackers, as people have been using hacks to boost their other accounts before. You might be able to avoid this by contacting Garena customer support.

Overall, this is a strong statement from Garena. Free Fire's competitor BGMI has faced a lot of criticism recently because of its weak anti cheat that failed to stop hackers. YouTubers like Mortal and Scout have expressed their disappointment about the current situation of BGMI.

2. Which is the most popular cheat in Free Fire?

Aimbot / Auto Aim

Auto aim remains the most popular cheat in the game, with over 50% of hackers banned because of it. The cheat allows hackers to automatically move their cursor toward their targets' heads and fire with extreme accuracy.

Aimbot feature helps you take the target down with a headshot effortlessly.

Overall, this cheat is the easiest to detect, especially if you are killed with a headshot from a very long range.


About 10% of players use this cheat to move around the map instantly. This is often performed in the early game to get to loot spots faster... or in the late game to get to the circle. While you can detect this cheat by chance, most of the time it is undetected.


This cheat allows hackers to know the location of other players. It was used by 8.7 percent of the cheaters. It is nearly impossible to detect this cheat, as cheaters using this usually camp and hide.

Aimbot Pubg Mobile
Antenna hacks are fairly hard to detect.


Wallhacks allow players to shoot through walls, which literally breaks the game. 20% of hackers use this despite the fact that it is one of the easiest cheats to detect.


The final 8.6% of hackers use other types of cheats. Overall, skin hacks are the hardest to detect, as it does not affect gameplay.

3. How to avoid getting banned for hacking?

It is very hard to unban Free Fire accounts. To keep your account safe while enjoying winning against other people, it is best that you use the variant of hacks that do not interact with other players much. Antenna, skin, and teleport are the safest, as they provide enough advantage without being overly obvious.

On the other hand, if you decide to use aimbot, avoid getting too many kills. Getting like 15-20 kills in a match is very likely to lead to a report.

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